Piccoz Helicopter

Picooz Heli

Geez! Have you seen the size of this little helicopter? It measures only about 6.5 inches in length and the all up flying weight is about 10 grams!

I would love to have purchased one of this if I don’t already have an electric chopper that does the works! Anyway this little toy is cool. Why? Coz u can fly it in confimed spaces without having the fear of breaking anything! I heard that this little thing can take whacks after whacks. That might be true but I do wonder how long the motors will be able to last? The last few choppers I had with brushed motors, they seem to burn out after a short period. If only they have brushless motors in these little buggers!

Anyway here are some specs and details on the Piccoz Heli by Silverlit. I wonder if that is the only brand out there. Anyway I heard they sell these things at Toys’R’Us but I personally saw it at this gadget shop at 1-Utama LG floor for about RM149.00 or so. Well its cheap for a flying chopper but all you get is 2 channels for left / right yaw and up / down motion. Hey what do you expect for something this cheap! I’d purchase it any day but unfortunately I’ve gotta save up for a TREX SE.

Picooz in your PalmProduct Dimensions
Length 170mm (6.5″)
Main Rotor diameter 130mm (5.25″)
Rear Rotor diameter 30mm (1.25″)
Product Weight Only 10g!

Rechargeable Flight Battery
High capacity integral Lithium Polymer battery Charging
Integral Transmitter/Charger supplied with LED indicator/Auto shut off
Picooz Controller20-30 minutes for full charge Flight Duration
Up to 15 minutes between charges Control
Supplied completely assembled, ready-to-fly
Proportional Infra Red Control System Frequency
Infra Red Control System
Up to 3 Helicopters to fly together
Range About 100 Feet for the Transmitter Which Doubles As The Helicopter Charger

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