Maxis lucky number – 888

As I was at KLCC for lunch on Monday 30th October 2006, I went to Maxis Center after lunch to check with them how to set my APN (Access Point Name) into my phone so that I can send posts (which was successfully done on Monday itself through sheer determination) via MMS to my blog.

There were 14 persons ahead of me and I had to wait approximately 30 mins or more to get to my turn. All I knew was that I had enough time to go down to the lower level’s toilet (where you don’t have to pay) at the Center Court and walk back up and stand around and wait till my legs grew tired. When it came up to my turn… I asked the staff there how I could set my phone up. He did some keying in onto my phone… then half way decided to give up and asked me to type in the Server Address to my phone myself (talk about good customer service eh) and decided to send off an email address to the URL. I’m like thinking to myself… what in the world are you doing? He finally gave up and asked me to call their Data Center which had a 1800 number. All this testing and all was completed within 5 mins or less. Now what in the world was I doing waiting in line for so long just to have someone try their “luck” in sending off a message when he apparantly did not even know what he was doing?

 Anyway I managed to call the 1800 number…. and a person called Jenny attended to me. All she could do was give me instructions on how to set up my GPRS and MMS settings on my Nokie phone. I wouldn’t say the information was useless because even though the instructions were not specific enough, talking to her made me aware of certain settings and possibility on the phone. Anyway I managed to twiddle with my phone and got the MMS sending to work! So thanks a lot Jenny. I owe you one and perhaps you also help saved many hours of my precious time.

So what’s the deal? Well… the whole point of this post (DUH… talk about long windedness) was that I got a waiting number slip (which I duly scribbled all over it while waiting and also while talking to Jenny) with the special number 888 ! Yes isn’t that the loveliest number you have ever seen? If you decide to go buy 3D or 4D with it and you happen to win, do share some of the winnings with me ok?

Here’s a picture of the Winning Number! hehe





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