Langkawi – 6th October 2006

My Birthday Present from May Lee…

a get away to a far away island…. “Langkawi”

Langkawi Map


I just learnt that Langkawi is named after HE LANG “Eagles” and Kawi which is apparantly from some rock (Batu Kawi). And true enough during one of our trips out when island hoping, we saw plenty of beautiful eagles swoop down from the sky in a feeding frenzy offered by the tour guides. I believe they were feeding them Chicken Intestines and Guts. Hmmm yum yum…

DAY 1 – Our trip started in the wee hours of Friday. Yes, we took a day off so that we could hit the islands a day earlier. We arrived at KL Sentral as usual and boarded the LCCT Airbus. RM9.00 each way per person could be considered dirt cheap. We arrived at LCCT and ate at this this oriental restaurant. Nasi Lemak wasn’t that great but anything is good to fill the tummy esp during breakfast. May Lee was kind enough to check us in while I tried to gobble up the rest of the food. Oh yes.. did I mention we were rushing through our food as usual? Poor girl… gotta live with me… always slowing her down.

We finally boarded the noisy and cramped Airbus from Air Asia. Who could complain more seeing that the fares were dirt cheap and thus as a result… “Now everyone can fly”…even the less educated ones. Anyway shan’t let people like that spoil the holiday now shall we?

So we tucked away into our seats and took a quick nap and before you know it…we have arrived at Langkawi. Checking out couldn’t be easier… in fact we just walked out of the airport and into this hall full of operators offering car rental. We picked ourselves a Proton Wira Manual 1.3 for RM90.00 for the entire duration of our stay (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Pretty cheap considering we just pumped about RM25.00 worth of petrol for all our journeys across the island.

[thumb:114:l] After picking up the car at the airport, we proceeded to drive to our Hotel – Awana Porto Malai. It is located in a pretty secluded end of Pantai Cenang which got us a little worried as we did not see any gas stations along the way. And knowing these car rental people, there is normally just enough gas in the car to let you reach the nearest gas station! I swear they siphon the fuel out to their own cars. Anyway knowing our luck, we reached the Hotel without finding any gas stations. Apparantly it was on another road not that far away from the hotel, which we only found out from the hotel staff. Phew!

[thumb:115:l] After checking into the hotel, we decided to take a drive to the east side of the island towards Kuah Town. A slow leisurely drive took us about 30 mins or so. That was inclusive of stopping by at our much needed Gas Station. We pumped in RM20.00 into the tank and we were on our way. Upon reaching Kuah, we drove around a little and then decided to stop by Eagle Square (located on the Map). We were stuck there for a while due to a sudden down pour. After about 20 mins of waiting, the rain stopped and clear skies were upon us. We took some nice shots with the Eagle Statue.

[thumb:130:l]There after we dropped by a shopping complex nearby. It was pretty deserted. Perhaps it was because it was a Friday hence everyone was working and it was also during off-peak season. Quiet as it was, we left and started to hunt around for local delicasies for lunch! We went around the restaurants around Pantai Cenang but couldn’t find anything to our fancy. Food prices were rediculous over there! We settled for cheap ol Malaysian Mamak store near the Underwater World.

After we filled out tummies with Curry, Noodles and Rice, we dropped by Underwater World to see if we could spend some time there. A quick check at the counter for the pricing gave me a shock of  my life! How could they be charging more than Under Water Aquaria in KLCC? Plus did I mention that the place was so run down compared to the Acquaria which is so much newer and larger? They must be off their rockers to want to charge so much. Surely they should maintain attraction sites better than this? It seems as though they were just waiting for paint to fall off the walls. We ended up at the DUTY FREE CENTER just about 50 meters from the Underwater World Building. Bought some snacks to bring back to the hotel and enjoyed the airconditioning. Yes it’s a Hot Day!

[thumb:133:r] Back at the hotel, we got into relaxation mode. Took a shower, switched on the TV and snoozed till dinner time! What’s for dinner? We found this nice friendly chinese restaurant not too far away from our hotel. Maybe about 5-8 mins drive away. We indulged in seafood, crabs and veggie. The food surprisingly was not expensive at all! And it sure tasted good.


[thumb:140:l]DAY 2 – We woke up pretty late on the 2nd day because we were not feeling exactly too well. Perhaps it was because we were caught in the rain during our visit to Kuah Town the day before. The haze situation also did not help as it gave us sore eyes and throat problems. Anyway a deserved rest was in order which was why we, once again had to rush through breakfast! The food at the hotel was pretty okay. Nothing much to shout about… perhaps it was becuase of the rushing. After breakfast, we went to the Hotel’s Recreation Office and signed our lives away for an Island Hopping Excursion. The 3 hour trip saw us visiting some Pregnant Woman Island which has a nice fresh water lake a short walk from the docks.

[thumb:149:r]After spending an hour relaxing and dipping our feet, we adjourned to our next destination which was the “Eagle Feeding” feature. You wouldn’t believe the number of eagles there are in Langkawi (hence the name as mentioned above). There were just too many to count and seeing them swoop down to pick up food from the water was just an amazing site and experience.

[thumb:150:l][thumb:151:l]Our third destination was another 1 hour stop at a serene beach on one of the many islands. Again this island was inhabited by monkeys (no, not the humans… I’m referring to the real ones silly!) which seem to welcome visitors by grabbing whatever they could get their hands on. We saw monkeys eating Twisties (Junk Food) and also managed to capture a picture of a monkey drinking Pepsi! [thumb:152:r]

When the hour was up… we went back to the dock where our “speed boat” was to pick us up. Little did we know, the engine decided to give up on the owner. We had to wait for the poor guy to fix his engine. He was drifting further and further away. The other people we were with were getting a little worried as they had to catch a flight with little time to spare.

[thumb:163:r]After getting back (on time for our dear travel friends to catch their flight “we think they made it…haha”), We spent the rest of the afternoon at a Public Beach along Pantai Cenang. We also adjourned back to our hotel’s pool for a dip after that. It was hot and the sunblock nearly didn’t manage to do its job. We did get a little sun burn but that’s the whole idea of being out in the sun isn’t it ?

[thumb:155:l]During the evening we went over to Datai Bay supposedly for dinner but it was too expensive so we ended back at the same Chinese Restaurant and indulged in some really good food and an exceptional price. The entire drive was pleasant and we managed to get a few shots along the way. We checked out the hotels there and they were really secluded. I guess people who go there actually want to get away from it all. The drive took us approximately 45 mins or so. Oh… yes, we had to pump another RM5.00 into our little old trusty rental. It was a gamble though to wonder whether we would make it back with enough fuel to spare for the next day’s trip back to the Airport!

Day 3 - Our flight was in the afternoon so we could for once during this trip have a nice relaxing no rush breakfast. Somehow the food today tasted better than the other days. We could also try more food and rest and relax back up in our room before checking out. Ahhhh… this is what a holiday is all about… finally no rush…


*This is the front desk… I’m sorry to inform you that its past check out time….*

…. gosh here we go again…. Let’s go to the airport and grab some grub there. A quick hop into the car and we were on our way back to the Airport.

Yes! My fuel calculations were correct! We made it to the airport with fuel to spare! Lets see what they are going to siphon out of the tank this time. *Evil Grin*

Our Air Asia flight left on time  on our return journey back to KL. And again before you know it… the captain is announcing that we will be arriving shortly in LCCT, Sepang.

We’re landing???… but all I see is clouds! We can’t be landing!…. *touch down*. Oh gosh we were landing…. what’s with the clouds??? Hey wait a minute… those are not clouds! Its the haze! ….. Welcome back to Hazy KL!

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  1. Wonderful details and good pictures too. I could almost feel the sun and warmth (it’s 5C today here in Vancouver). Thanks for sharing your holiday experience.

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