Bali – Indonesia

A trip to an exotic Island… BALI (Indonesia)

Map of Bali


May Lee and I made a trip to BALI in December 2005. I would have to admit that that was one of my most memorable trips abroad. Perhaps its the company but the place itself was enchanting. I loved every part of our stay and I’m sure so did May Lee.

As usual we travelled by AirAsia to Depasar which is the airport in Bali. Back then, we flew straight from KLIA since all AirAsia flights were still operating from KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) instead of LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal). By the way, KLIA and LCCT is just about 20 mins away. They both share the same airport and runways except their buildings are on the opposite ends of the tarmac & runways.

Anyway the flight to Denpasar from KLIA only took approximately 3hours. The flight was pretty enjoyable. We had to purchase some cup noodles while onboard since it was a pretty long flight. Upon arrival we had someone waiting for us to take us to our hotel or rather our resort. May Lee managed to choose the prefect place via the internet. She decided on PUTU BALI and it was situated in Seminyak area (which can be seen on the map). The place was lovely to say the least. We were really happy with the city resort. We felt so at home and really enjoyed our stay there. You can check out some pictures of the room in our album.



[thumb:176:r]We tried quite a few restaurants while in Bali (well you’ve gotta eat right?) but our favourite would have to be BEBEK BALI which was just located within walking distance from our resort. The food was yummylicous and the pricing was more than reasonable which resulted in us having dinner there for two nights!

Another wonderful dining experience was experienced at SHARKYS at Jimbaran. Its a beach side restaurant and we had wonderful CHEAP seafood there with the most romantic ambience! There was a sunset, there were people singing songs to us, there was nice food, there was sand under our feet, wonderful breeze from the sea, sound of the sea crashing onto the beach, and wonderful company…


We managed to visit many places during our visit. Even though we missed out on Tanah Lot, we did manage to get go Uluwatu. It was a sacred place with wonderful view and lots of monkeys! Breathtaking.


[thumb:238:r]Another wondeful experience was the trip up to Kintamani. The now extinct volcano in Bali was covered with mist when we got up there. We had a nice buffet lunch and waited… and waited… and waited.. for the mist to clear. Finally the mist cleared and we managed to grab a few shots with the volcano behind us from the restaurant.

The trip back down was just as wet… it was drizzling but our driver was very nice and he gave us some wonderful laughing experience  when we brough us to see the padi fields, art centers, silver centers (Perak… not berak *grin* *sorry private joke here, pls ignore*) and shopping heaven at Ubud. We figure Ubud is also another good place to stay the next time we go Bali. Although a bit secluded, it does have it own little Bali charm which I think I can fall in love with!

Do check out our Photo Album on our Bali Trip. More pictures are located there to show you what a beautiful place Bali is. I recommend this destination to anyone who’s never been there before. No need to think twice…. just grab an air ticket and go for a wonderful get away on an enchanted island. Wonderful place and Friendly People.

Last but not least, I’d like to convey my sincere condolences to friends and families of the people who have lost their innocent lives in the tragic bombings at Bali. Terrorists should be eradicated at all costs!



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