Driving in Malaysia

Malaysian drivers are super drivers… No I didn’t say SUPERB… I just said SUPER. Why did I say that ? well.. I feel Malaysian drivers are the worse bunch of drivers around. I have however heard that cabbies in parts of Thailand are worse but then again based on my personal experience when I visited bangkok I beg to differ. I did however see a video clip of a driver in China or Taiwan who backed right into a guy running him over then he stopped and then proceed to drive the car foward again… Imagine that… what an idiot.

Anyway back to my point… I have had it with most Malaysian drivers and I have noticed that most have ill traits (which could be due to pressures of the fast paced Malaysian life?.. I don’t know). Anyway majority of malaysian drivers fault in the following ways:

  1. Possess licence obtain by paying under table money (coz most of them still can’t drive or park for nuts even after passing their driving exams)
  2. Believe they are in a world of their own, i.e. they drive however they like with no regards to the safety to other road users.
  3. Break the law everytime the drive their cars (either from not stopping for pedestrains, speeding through red lights, speeding at residential areas, making illegal u-turns, parking on yellow lines, illegal parking, dangerous overtaking, day dreaming, putting make-up or talking on mobile phone without hands free kit while driving, illegal entry into 1-way streets…etc … and the list goes on)
  4. Drive around as though they own the roads
  5. Rushing all the time, thus speeding and throwing profanities at others
  6. Lousy good for nothing litter bugs who don’t bother throwing rubbish back into their cars nor do they bother to spit back into their laps.

So I don’t know about you but each time I go on the roads, I can say 4/5 times I have such bad experiences. That is why I prefer to drive at nights when the traffic is not there and there are also less people on the roads. Unfortunately for me, new terror and stress takes place at nights with the yet again “Superman” Mat Rempits (Illegal Scooter / 75-125cc motorbikes).

What can I say? It’s stressful driving in Malaysia. I personally have been to Canada and you should see the way they drive there. Its actually a pleasure driving on the streets where people are courteous to each other. Roads are definately much safer too. And even though the Malaysian government are taking steps to eradicate and educate Malaysian drivers… I think it will be a good number of years before things turn out (hopefully) for the better. In the meanwhile, I sure hope I don’t die of a stress related heart attack anytime soon.

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