Stressful Communications

Have you ever tried having a decent conversation with someone but you end up getting all worked up over it? Have you ever felt frustrated not being able to put your point forward to the person you’re talking to? Has the person you talk to not made any sense to you? I bet you wonder why some people can have a mind unlike no other. Things also get worse if their temper is easily sparked.

Imagine trying to put your point across something and having it blow up in your face in return. I’m not saying who is correct or wrong but please… can’t people have a decent conversation to see who is really right or wrong? Why the need to get all frustrated, screaming at the top of your lungs and basically screaming profanities in the air? I’m sure nobody likes talking to people like that.

Well if you have experienced the above… perhaps you can teach me how to better manage people like that. There are all sorts of people around nowadays. All I can think of is to just turn away and let situations cool down by itself because as you know the harder you try to rectify the situation, the worse it gets…. so why bother!?



The picture above has been placed here as a stress management feature. If you are stressed, you should look at it and take a few deep breaths and hopefully your anger or stress would have faded somewhat.

If you need anger management then what you should do is print the smiley face out, get yourself some darts and start throwing darts onto innocent Mr. Smiley. (Oh what have I done!!!)


2 thoughts on “Stressful Communications”

  1. Hi Adrian. I just had the pleasure of going through your entire site and you have an awesome blog. (Gosh, I hope that word only has one meaning.)
    I chose to add my comment under Stress Management because we all need to learn a thing or two.
    Here are my 2 cents worth… I love the 101 cookbook page and have already printed 2 recipes which I’m going to try. My question is, how did these people’s articles and recipes get included in your blog?
    How come I wasn’t able to see a couple of pictures (e.g. in Caught this Cabbie)?
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi 7E… Glad you love the cook book. Knew it would come in useful and handy for someone! Which recipies have you tried? Do let me know so that we can try to whip it up here. As for the cook book content being on my blog… I added it in via RSS (Real Simple Syndication). If you noticed under my Syndicated Content, I also have pages for my R/C Modelling Hobbies. New content automatically gets added and I don’t have to “bookmark” them. I just go to the page when I’m free to see what’s new.

    As for the missing pictures… well… let’s just say I did a boo boo. I accidentally deleted them when I updated my blog from version2.0.X to version2.1. Oh well you win some you lose some. Too bad I don’t have a proper backup of my entries done via MMS (my handphone).

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