The Proposal (14 Feb 2007)


The Formal Proposal was carried out on 14th Feb 2007 at one of KL Hilton’s finest executive suite. The planning for this started a few days prior to 14 Feb when I was thinking of a special getaway place to make the proposal. It struck me to have it at the Hilton as we both love bathtubs and hotel rooms! After work, I managed to check into the room first and later on waited anxiously for May Lee’s call to tell me that she has reached my house. Little did she expect to find me missing from home and telling her through the phone to pack her bags ready for me to pick her up! I wonder what was running through her mind at that time…

We managed to get to the hotel and enjoyed a few complimentary drinks before heading back to our room. The place had a wonderful ambience and what better way than to wait till the strike of midnight before making my move. I swear she thought I dropped something on the floor when I got down on one knee before popping the question. Well her wish for me to kneel down came true and it’s just a little price to pay to get something so wonderful in return.

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