The Meet The Family (24 Feb 2007)

A complex affair no doubt but we managed to pull it off with flying colors! I must say May Lee did a good job in charing the entire meeting. Yes, she’s a professional at heart.

Basically, our parents and siblings met first at my house (Adrian) to have a simple chit chat and introduction and later on moved to have lunch at Shanghai 10 which was just around the corner from my house. Nevertheless we still had to drive coz it was just too hot to have a large group of people walk over to the shop. There was a total of 15 of us and we had to grab two rows of tables just to fit us all since the shop didn’t have one large table enough to fit us all.

 Those present were my eldest sister & husband (Helen & Keith), my 2nd sister & husband (Karen & Peter), nephews Conrad and Sean, parents (mom & dad… hmm), May Lee,  her parents, her brother Jason, sister-in-law Lai Yeen, neice Jocelyn and myself of course 🙂

Lunch was great, we had many mini dishes plus the famous shanghai dumpling. Meeting went ok. Weather was hot. Overall it was indeed an experience!


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