Lion Dance without Fireworks


Managed to capture this Lion dance at Imbi Palace restaurant during dim sum time. It really brought the festivity mood to all the customers there. Who says you need Fireworks to feel its Chinese New Year!?

hmm.. I wonder when they will be removing the ban on fireworks. Its a pity why the entire nation has to suffer just because kids are blowing themselves up by messing with the fireworks. Maybe they can have a new ruling by stating that only kids above 18 are allowed to purchase or play with fireworks. Well I’m still glad there hasn’t been any moon rockets flying into my porch over the past few years ;)  &@(*!*# stupid kids…

 Chinese New Year 2007 – Year of the Fire Boar

One thought on “Lion Dance without Fireworks”

  1. Beijing lifted its long ban on fireworks 2 years ago, and CNY realy really feels like CNY here. Contrary to popular belief, the way fireworks is sold here is very organised and controlled. Only licensed fireworks and dealers are allowed and they are only allowed to sell them at specially built huts – not in exisiting shops for safety.

    In Malaysia, we consider the classical red firecrackers as something dangerous. It is just a ‘popper’ here. They’ve sell those things that fly up in the air and burst into a ball here.

    I think this ban on firecrackers is bollocks. As long as you’ve proper control and procedures, it shouldn’t hurt to let people have some clean fun. Mind you, contrary to popular belief, China and Asia aren’t the only places where fireworks are let off by private citizens. Look at Guy Fawkes celebrations in the English world, and New Years day let off in most parts of the world.

    Thats the problem with the way we run our country. If there’s some irresponsible idiot that took the gun powder out and blew himself up – then, punish everybody else to protect them.

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