Dell Windows Vista Deployment extremely slow

I have to say… the deployment of Windows Vista with previously purchased DELL Computers (with the ability to upgrade to Vista from XP for FREE) is excrutiatingly slow. I would have imagined they are able to send me a copy of my Vista by now. What’s taking so long and keeping them ? A latest check with the DELL site still shows that the order is still pending.

All this delay keeps me from fully utilising my machine. I don’t want to install programs now only to have to do it again when Vista comes. I’m keeping my notebook as bare as possible but as time passes, I think it’ll be more and more work WHEN and IF my version of the Vista does come. I can’t but have this funny feeling that at the end of the day, they will say, there’s something wrong with the application and that the free vista is never going to come. I think I will blow my top definately by then.

Anyway I shall continue to wait and see if they exceed their dateline of delivering out all Vistas to owners… for now… its still within their promise… but I sure wish they will expedite the process! We’re waiting you know…

One thought on “Dell Windows Vista Deployment extremely slow”

  1. Just an update… I got my Vista Package about 2 weeks back towards the end of April. Took long enough but at least its working fine on my notebook (Dell Inspiron 640M)

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