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Recently, due to my work nature, I was able to stumble onto sites that lists down where we can find movies online. Since this came about even without the need to search for them. I can’t help but imagine there are actually lots more of these sites around. I mean… what’s the probability of me finding one even without looking for it right?

Anyway my questions in order are:
1) Are these sites legal? (Ed Note: Surely they can’t be legal… )
2) If they are not legal, how come the Copyright or Web Hosting Providers don’t block or remove the content from their site?
3) I believe most of these movies are kept in Rapidshare or Daily Motion which allows people to upload insane amounts of data to their servers.
4) Why in the world would people want to upload movie files for others to download? What do they get out of it? Ad Revenue?
5) Why are hosting sites still allowed to host such movies if they are copyright and should not be distrubuted freely? There has to be some control like Youtube for sure.

Here’s an example of a dragonball movie on Dailymotion’s service:

Filesharing continues to be a legal battle between the copyright holders and pirates… Who will win? I guess only time will tell…

If you actually look around the internet, you will be able to find lots of shows like HEROES, PRISON BREAK, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, and lots more…. who needs cable anyway?

4 thoughts on “Free Movies on the Internet”

  1. It can be debatable for movies that are realeased per region, but it should be OK for TV series. After all, they were shown freely originally, and paid for by advertising already. Viewers have the right to record, time-shift and share the recording – which is what exactly people are doing at these sharing sites – no profit involved.

    So how does it infringe upon the copyright (aka profits) of the studios? It is the studios fault for not adjusting their business model and practices to reality. The reality is that we now live in a world of high-speed instantaneous digital communications.

    But the studios continue to operate as if they are still in the cosy old-world of couriered tapes which are hard to transport and distribute. That old wolrd created a situation where the studios have total control over the distribution of their productions simply because the difficulty of the logistics of sharing.

    And they want to guard that old world, while technology progresses. In fact, if given the chance, they would probably block the development of these new communications technologies – just like oil companies have a vested interest in blocking the development of alternative energy technologies.

    But the studios still don’t want to wake up to this reality to do worldwide simultaneous releases of their productions. This just create the void which is rightly being filled by innocent sharing sites. The filling of this void is as natural as evolution.

    Also note that worldwide population is growing, but the price of entertainment remains the same. Extrapolate that and you can realise that studios are making easier and easier money without doing much. That is why they want to guard this old world comfort of theirs.

    Computing and most other products – cars, energy, food have their prices increase while the quality increases because of the economies of scale is being played out. It is not the case with entertainment. Studios are deliberately distorting this so that money is easier to get as time grows – without adjusting their prices.

    They will continue to twist sharing as ‘piracy’ when no profit is involved. So for the moment – ithese sites are labeled as ‘illegal’ based on their old definition of copyright. But surely this should not be ‘illegal’, since people share them without making a profit, and the situation of the need to share (which is created by the studios themselves) is matched by the ability to share due to evolutionary advances of communications technology.

    Sharing is thus something natural. It is the businesses that should adjust to this progress of evolution and stop mumbling and blocking progress. The natural world has no place for fat cats.

  2. Previous comment shoud read “Computing and most other products – cars, energy, food have their prices DECREASE while the quality increases because of the economies of scale is being played out.”

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