Phuket, Thailand – 4 May 2007 to 7 May 2007

Our Trip to Phuket, Thailand from 4 May 2007 – 7 May 2007

Map of Phuket Island

4th May – First day of our holiday started in my Bangsar Residence. I got up earlier than planned so that I could finish my packing. Yeah somehow I seem to be leaving my packing to last minute these days. Perhaps its coz I have been too busy? Or should I say lazy? Well it’s either one or the other but whatever it is… it’s definitely time for me to get a holiday! The day started with my usual toilet routine followed by a trip out to the bank nearby my house to withdraw some spending money plus a trip to the 7-Eleven to buy a loaf of bread for my parents. Picked up a RM1 packet of Nasi Lemak from the corner of the street on my way back. Boy was the sambal hot! Had to douse it down with lots of water.

Dad dropped May Lee and I off at KL Sentral as planned. We missed the turning into the drop off area (which is at the turning just before the ramp up to KL Sentral / Hilton). The original turning which we normally take was greeted with a parking barrier this time round. I guess they started blocking that area off strictly for purely parking customers only. Passer-bys will be charged an entrance fee. Anyway we got off the car and walked the rest of the way to the busses. We were greeted by two bus companies and we chose the cheaper one to see the difference in service. A return ticket (KL Sentral – LCCT – KL Sentral) only cost us RM14.00 per person. The return ticket is open for 30 days apparently and our holiday was only for 4 days so time was obviously on our side. Speaking of time, let’s get a move on it… our holiday timeframe of 4 days is quickly dwindling away and we’re still stuck at KL Sentral.

The ride to LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) was uneventful. We had McDonalds for breakfast and did our normal toilet routine again. With a little persuasion from May Lee, I also managed to register myself as a legal voter at a make shift stall within the terminal grounds. My reason for my late registration? Well I’ve always hated politics and furthermore each time I wanted to register, I waited till elections but by then I seem to have missed the dateline and hence the vicious over and over again.

Our AirAsia flight left without delays although we had a little confusion when walking to the plane. They mistakenly opened two gates at the same time and as you can imagine, the passengers did not know where to walk to as one plane was for Phuket and the other one was bound for another destination. Anyway they closed off the other gate and normalcy resumed. As it was a short flight, we:i:s=0 did not bother to purchase any on board meal. Upon arrival at Phuket International Airport, we grabbed some leaflets, our checked in luggage and proceeded to purchase our minibus tickets to Patong for 150baht each. The ride to Patong took approximately 75 mins or so but the driver stopped along the way at a Tour Agency where they tried to sell us trips and packages. They provide easy arrangement but their price was obviously much higher as compared to what you would get if you were to walk and ask around Patong. I guess some people will go for convenience while others will go for the alternative bargaining fun. May Lee ensured that we kindly declined taking up any offers on the spot.


We checked into our accommodation which is the Deevana Resort and Spa at Patong area. Takes about 15 mins to walk to the beach but only about 5 mins or so to walk out to the street filled with yummy delicious food stalls. Things there aren’t exactly cheap in Phuket (as compared to Bangkok or Chiang Mai / Chiang Rai) since it was a touristy place but it was affordable. After checking in, we immediately walked out for lunch since we were starved by then. Lunch was had at a nice corner restaurant about 12 mins away. We had Cold Seafood Salad which was served cold, sour and spicy. We also had rice and coconut milk tom yam. After our quick and relaxing bite, we managed to book two packages from a roadside booth which will help fill our time in Phuket. After that we decided to go back to the hotel to rest a little before proceed out again for Dinner (“la la� (a type of cockle/muscle/shell fish) in soup, Curry Crab, Mix Veggie, Coconuts, Rice) before ending the night with a nice foot massage at a massage parlour nearby. What’s Phuket or Thailand based holiday without massages right?


Map of Phuket Phi Phi5th May – Second day – Rise and Shine… today’s the day where we’re headed for Phi Phi Island. A quick breakfast at our Hotel, and we were waiting for our ride to the Pier. We gather at the dock, doused ourselves with plenty of Sun Block and rented ourselves some flippers for 100baht which wasn’t really needed. They mentioned that the tide would be low and you might step and cut yourselves on the corals but nothing of that sort happened. Where we snorkelled, the corals were at least 3 meters below us. Anyway the boat ride was pretty fun but we were feeling a little nausea by the time we snorkelled and later arrived at one of the islands for our lunch buffet. Even though it was buffet, we didn’t managed to eat much because of the nausea feeling, heat and the fact that we had to endure more swimming, heat and a 1 hour + ride back to Phuket. After lunch we were treated to a white sandy beach along another island where we had the opportunity to rent a beach chair and rest for approximately 2 hrs. We spent the first 45 mins of so in the water feeding fishes with a loaf of bread which we bought for 40baht. It was worth it as the fishes swam right next to us when we were feeding them. It was a good experience to say the least. After that, we lounged around our beach chairs which we had to rent for another 110baht each. Hmm everything seems to cost money doesn’t it? Well its ok. Not too expensive and we’re on holiday after all. The ride back to Phuket was bearable but upon arriving at the pier we still had to take an hour’s mini van ride back to Patong.




A quick rest back at our Hotel and we were out once again for dinner outside our Hotel! Boy the food there is simply delicious. Tonight we had “la la� again but cooked in a different style, some veggie and spicy tom yam soup. Slurp… delicious and stuffed we walked around the night stalls after dinner where May Lee managed to buy some souvenirs. Soon after, we hopped back into our previous day’s massage parlour but this time round it was for some oil massage! The staff was friendly and made us feel very relaxed which was also why we went back there. The night ended with some TV in the room with my usual junk food, crisps and coke.


6th May – Third Day…. Boy how time flies when you’re having fun! Feeling a little lazy, we deliberated after breakfast as to whether to head out to the beach or stay in the comforts of the hotel. After much deliberation, we finally decided to catch the free shuttle service out to the beach. Our aim? To go for a ride on a Jet Ski. We managed to get a Jet Ski for 1000 baht for 40 mins which is a hell of a long time to be on a Jet Ski especially if you’re flooring the throttle from time and time and hanging on for dear life! It doesn’t help with a passenger asking to slow down all the time! Hahah. It was fun and we did have a good time on it. After that May Lee proceed to the beach for a lie down whereas I wandered off back to the sea for a little dip and swim. After about 10 mins or so, I decided enough was enough plus I didn’t want to get too sun burnt so we headed off to one of the restaurants nearby for a cooling coconut and coke! The rest of the day was spent walking around a little and resting at our hotel to cool off our already heated body.

Dinner time came soon enough and we had to get ready for our trip to Kamala for our visit to FantaSea. The ride took approximately 25 mins and it was pretty torturous perhaps because we a little nausea to start off with from all the previous days activities & etc but the sight that greeted us at the entrance was just amazing. It was enchanting to start off with and it got better as the night went along. Proceeding past the entrance, we were greeted with a little fantasy world within. There were colourful shops all over the place and it was a nice escape from the usual dullness of reality. The buffet dinner was served at a large “Palace� look alike building and there were so many tables there that it was unbelievable. Even more unbelievable was the way the whole layout was planned. Their ability to move so many people in and out of the dinner hall as well as in and out of the theatre was amazing! The queue lines were smooth flowing even for people who had to deposit their hand phones or cameras at the counters. (Yes, they don’t allow photography during the performance or anywhere within the theatre grounds). Our seating though not at the Gold Seats were on the 2nd Tier (thus we were able to see the Elephants walk past) and slightly to the left side which actually gave us a good view of the entire stage. The story line was easy enough to understand though it could have been better with a little more narration but I guess that’s their point which is to let your imagination run wild. The dances were superb, the fighting scenes were amazing and the different dances by different cultural groups show what Thailand is all about. Even the Arial aerobatics on the swings from the ceiling was awe inspiring. Various other special effects, i.e. pyrotechnics, cannons firing, rain effects, lightning, laser, people and props popping out of the ground from the stage and etc are just some of the things which make the entire show special and memorable.



Overall the entire evening was enjoyable and I would highly recommend going for FANTASEA to anyone visiting Phuket. It’s simply a must see! The only thing that spoilt the night was having to wait for inconsiderate passengers who were more than 40mins late in coming back to the meeting point. Either they don’t understand English or they simply didn’t care to be inconveniencing others. Oh well some foreigners are just not as courteous as Asians as they did not even utter a word of sorry when they arrived.

7th May – Final Day…. It actually ended the day before. Today felt more like back to KL and back to work for me. I could feel the stress even before arriving back in KL. I guess for every great holiday, this feeling is bound to come especially when one is worried about work waiting for you back home. We took a Private Taxi instead of a minibus back to the Airport from our Resort for about 550 baht in total. Departure from Phuket was on time and by the time we got back to Bangsar, it was already 8pm. Gosh … today felt more like a travelling day rather than a holiday.

Overall, the trip was enjoyable. A very much needed break for both of us. Apart from enjoying the wonderful sights and culture Phuket has to offer, we enjoyed each other’s company in this Island Paradise. I’m glad we got to do these things together and am happy to let you all read about our little trip to the north. Till our next major trip…. to Macau, hope you all have a nice day and don’t work too hard! Everyone needs a break now and then!

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