Wario Ware Smooth Moves

Wario WarezWario Ware Smooth Moves is one game that should not be missed by any Nintendo Wii owner. This is another innovative game that highlights the capabilities of the Wii. It also highlights the  uses of the controller which can be held in a variety of ways. Each method of holding the controller has a unique name and some of them are: The Waiter (holding the controller like how a waiter holds his tray), The Umbrella (holding the controller upright like how you’d hold an umbrella), The Elephant (holding the controller infront of your nose making it look like an elephant’s trunk), The Remote (holding it like a remote control), The Handlebar (holding it with both hands like how you would hold a bicycle’s handlebar), The Artist (holding it like how you’ll hold a pen), etc etc… you get the picture.

The game has a collecetion of 200+ mini games. Each game is a mixture of speed and reaction. You have a couple of seconds to get the grip/stance right and then doing whatever the instructions asks you to do.

Its fun and addictive and I managed to finish the game in approx. 2.5 hours. Of course I had quite a bit of practice previously. Who’s Wario you might ask? Well he’s Mario’s younger brother 🙂

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