Me and Cosplay Girl in Malaysia

I was at “The Curve” this morning for Border’s book sale as well as lunch with the family. After that we popped over to Cineleisure for a walk and found out that there was some sort of Cosplay (Costume Roleplay) Competition taking place there. Managed to take a picture with one of them. She’s got a sword… so do I!… Well I borrowed that from my nephew who was too shy to take a picture with this pleasant young woman. Anyway she’s got a nice costume don’t you think?

Manga Cosplay Girl 

Actually all the people there had great costumes. Check out the following picture. This elf guy, his staff and his classic mean look…

Manga Cosplay Man

Wanted to get some games for my Wii from Cineleisure Shops but the selection wasn’t that great. I suppose, I’m still happy with getting my games from either Mid-Valley or from my Original Shop down town.

Pictures were taken from my Nokia 6300 Phone (just 2 Mega Pixels). I suppose that’s good enough for web & blogging usage. Need to keep my hands and subjects steady though. Speed a little too slow to capture clear quick shots.

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