Hong Kong & Macau Trip 2007

Hong Kong Map

Kuala Lumpur – Macau – Hong Kong – Macau – Kuala Lumpur in 6 days! That’s the sign of what’s to come and how busy and hectic we’ll be getting!

Sunday, 26 August 2007 – At the sound of our alarm at 2:30am, we jumped out of bed and started to get ready to proceed to KL Sentral to catch our bus ride to LCCT (low cost carrier terminal), Sepang. We drove to KL Sentral from our house in Bangsar and managed to drop the car off close by the office for my dad to pick up later during the day. We managed to catch our 3:30am bus. On the bus we caught some shut eye but soon enough we found we were already reaching LCCT. Upon arrival we met up with Lim Fong and Eric who have also just arrived a few minute before us. Immediately we checked in and proceeded to grab our early breakfast at Mc Donalds. Hmm Big Breakfast… yum.

At approx. 6am we managed to board our flight to Macau. This was an introduction of what’s to come. During our flight, there was a gentleman sitting opposite us who was from China. He was cutting his nails onboard the plane and letting his nail clippings fly & drop all over the floor. If that was not disgusting enough, he proceeded to cut his toe nails by lifting up each leg in return onto the chair. I’m sitting there wondering… is what everyone say true? Are the Chinese really that unrefined? Then again, that’s probably their way of life and they might not know better…. or so I thought…

[thumb:764:l]Our flight arrived Macau International Airport at 10:30am and we quickly caught an airport bus (AP1) to the Ferry Terminal which was about 10-15 mins away. We caught the ferry run by First Ferry company as we wanted to land on Kowloon side instead of Hong Kong Island as our hotel was on Nathan Road close by the pier. Our next encounter with HK Culture is when I asked the cabbie if charging for additional luggage was normal. He responded by pointing to a notice stuck on the side of the door, got out and slammed the door after him. Hmm… that’s surprising! Well… if he wants to slam his door, I figured I could help him do the same to the passenger side as well but I decided against it. Didn’t want to aggitate anyone unnecessary… thought I think I already managed to aggitate him by the simple honest question.

Our rooms in Imperial Hotel was adequate. Again the people in the front desk and reception had terrible attitude but there were one or two of the staff who was very courteous. The rooms was small but not TOO cramp, however Lim Fong and Eric’s room was more of a squeeze but then again when you’re in HK, you should hardly be in the room. And when you’re in the room, you’ll be glad there’s a place for you to rest your tired legs so it doesn’t bother you too much anyway. The bed sheets were a little musty and the pillows, well they were well used and smelt a little funny.


After managing to rest a little, we met up with Wilson, my long time buddy from Middlesex University days who took us around to the shopping places, Lady’s Street & etc. It was good catching up with him and we managed to have some delicious “Mango Loh” desert along with some interesting simple rice dishes like ginger beef rice & etc. The chilli oil and beef noodles are also a must try in HK together with the dim sum which I would say is more or less comparable to those found here in KL. Great to know we’re not missing much in terms of dim sum quality. Oh did I mention that the one ton noodles’ texture is a must try? Anyway Hong Kong is a food haven as everyone knows and there’s always different kind of food for different budgets. Oh yeah we found it a little costly to have HKD30 noodles but we soon got used to it after a couple of meals. On a side note, when we got back from HK and went for breakfast, we found the food in KL ridiculously cheap as compared to HK as we only paid RM10.00 for eggs, toast and drinks for two person. How do you beat that?




While in Hong Kong, we managed to go up to The Peak where we visited Madame Toussaud as well as took some pictures from the roof of the peak building. Boy was it windy up there and the view was just amazing. Anyone who hasn’t been up there is strongly advised to take a ride up either by Bus or Tram. We took the shorter method which is by Tram which climbs up approximately a 45 degrees incline when going up and a 45 degree recline coming down. The power of the trams are just amazing especially since it’s carrying such a heavy load of people on board.

Symphony of Lights

After rushing down from The Peak, we took the ferry back over to Kowloon and rushed over to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre to see the Symphony of Lights show. It was pretty amazing and they have it every night (I think) at approximately 8pm or so. Certain days you have the announcements in English and certain days are in Cantonese or Mandarin. Unfortunately we got there on a Mandarin day but that’s fine because the music and the lights were enough to awe anyone. When looking across the causeway, you could see 18 of the tallest buildings on Hong Kong Island lighting up in perfect synchronisation with the music. The show is only for approx 15-20 mins so its not too long to be standing on our tired feet 😉

The next day, we left for Hong Kong Disneyland early in the morning. We got to take pictures with some of the Disney characters. Most of them were pleasant except for the person inside Winnie the Pooh. He was such a prick. Not going to complain much about him here but as playful as he was, he gave me the impression that he was just a flirtatious idiot behind the costume.  Anyway enough said… I guess you can’t be pleased everytime even when you’re at Disneyland. As we were getting pretty tired as the day went on due to the intense heat & later rain, we managed to watch only 1 show which was the Lilo & Stitch Interactive show. It was pretty ok except it was a little kiddy. We also managed to catch the Space Mountain Ride which was pretty good. Just as we were ready to leave, after walking along the shopping street back out towards the main entrance, it started to rain. We covered outselves with the bags that came with our merchandise and ran for the Trains that were to take us to our next destination, The Discovery Park Shopping Arcade, which was right next to the Tseun Wan MTR station. I managed to pick up two pairs of Caterpillar Shoes while I was there and they averaged only about RM250.00 per pair. What a bargain coz they cost a bomb back here in Malaysia!


The Following day, we moved out of our Hotel after having a quick last breakfast and headed to the Ferry Terminal which were to take us back to Macau. Instead of taking the First Ferry, this time round we took the Turbojet Ferry which departed from Hong Kong Island instead of Kowloon side. The ride was slighlty shorter and definitely better as I didn’t feel sea sick like how it was when we went from Macau to HK. Upon arrival at the Immigration however, we were greeted by a long queue going into Macau. The reason why there were so many people was because the VENETIAN just opened in Macau only about 2 days back! Here we are stuck with all over tourists as well as people from Hong Kong coming over to check the new Venetian out. Anyway we managed to clear the immigration after about 30 mins and we were also lucky enough to find our shuttle bus outside the Ferry Terminal (after a brief search and panic) that took us back to our Grandview Hotel located at Taipa Island.

Grandview Hotel in Macau was such a far cry from Imperial Hotel in Hong Kong. Apart from being cheaper and coming with breakfast for two, it was also larger, cleaner and such a pleasure to be in. I guess that’s the difference between being in Macau and being in HK. Such a big difference and such a big pleasure for us to come back to something better as our holiday neared its end.



We did some walking around Macau, compliments from May Lee reading the Map wrongly. I swear we almost covered the entire island on foot! Well it felt like it anyway but in the end, all the walking was worth it as we managed to find the restaurant (near the Kwan Yin Statue) she aimed at finding in the first place. We had our wonderful seafood platter dish. Can’t remember what its called as she did the research and ordering but I can still imagine the taste in my mouth! The service was first class and the owner looked like a friendly chap. In the restaurant, there was a table at the end with 4 women seated down, playing Mah Jhong and sipping red wine! No wonder they call Macau a Gambling Heaven.


Next came The Venetian. This is definitely a place to visit! Apart from playing a few rounds there and enjoying their free drinks! you can walk around for some shopping as the casinos on the bottom ground floor is easily accessible and viewable from the upper shopping levels. The Venetian also has the usual Gondolas which I thought was a silly idea. I believe there are 4 different canals and they all seem pretty short. The rides are charageable and I don’t understand why people would pay just to ride in one of those for such a short distance. Now, if the canal actually went around the entire mall in one long loop! Now then that would be a different story. People who are too lazy to walk could just hop onto one of those (if they have a pass of course) and take a ride to another section of the shopping complex. If the Venetian takes up this idea of mine, please do remember to pay me a little commission for my ideas (ya right as if I will get anything).



Anyway, that’s about it for this particular trip. I think we did loads! and the walking sure managed to kill my poor leg. Again travelling back on Air Asia was another experience, this time round having a couple cut infront of our queue and we actually thought they were from China but what do you know…. they were sadly Malaysians. Such a disgrace to our country fellowmen. I actually have a picture of them taken to be put up here but I decided against that in the end. I’ll just give them the benefit of the doubt even though the lady was just being a bitch for voicing out. Sad to say, either her partner didn’t understand what we were bickering about or he just didn’t think she right to start off with to be defending her. Anyway just needed to let off some steam after being around rude and inconsiderate people and perhaps she was just there at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Poor thing…

For more photos, please proceed to the photo gallery http://www.ourplaypen.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=23&page=1

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