Carnival Games

Carnival GamesIs visiting the carnival your cup of tea? Have you always had fun playing with games in the Carnival but later on found out that they get too costly? Well… you can enjoy this fun but brainless game from the comfort of your home, albeit without the smell of popcorns and cotton candy. There are approximately 25 games to choose from: Alley Ball (like bowling), Day The Races (Horse Race), Popping Balloons with darts, Sledge Hammer to test your strength, throwing balls to knock down milk bottles, Dunking a midget, Shooting ducks, Coin Pushing Machine, Prize Picking Machine, shooting water guns to pop balloons, throwing rings onto bottle necks, Wishing Machine & loads more.

As with most Wii games, the throwing, tossing and aiming actions make full use of the Wii remote IR and Motion Sensor capabilities. The game control could have been better programmed as reported by some other players but to me, its supposed to be a fun brainless game… and that it is. This is a good game with cute mini games to occupy your time.

For most people, this game might seem like a waste of time but for people like my wife, countless hours can be spent playing virtual carnival games to accumulate virtual ticket/coupons to redeem virtual gifts. Well one thing good is that the games on the Wii are free.  If we had to pay for every game that she has played like in a real carnival, I think we’d be broke. Yes dear, the sombrero hat and scuba tank with the clown nose looks good on you 😉 Can we go to sleep yet?

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