Party Pool for the Wii

Party Pool for the Nintento Wii Are you a pool or snooker buff? If so then this game would keep you occupied for a good number of hours. Unless you are one of those rich boy or girl who has a private table at home, this is the next best thing to having your own table. Besides, it’s been saving us lots of money playing pool at home rather than at the Pool Parlor which is at least a whooping RM18.00 (approx USD5.30) per hr! Now that’s a rip off!

Back to the game, as with any pool game, you are able to play against a second player or a computer with two Wii Controllers possible without having to pass the controller back and forth. You can either play the game with either the Wii Controller alone or together with the nunchuck. With the nunchuck you have slightly better control of the views and angles (though not mandatory). The action of hitting the ball with the pool stick can simply be achieved with a simple wave of the wii remote. You don’t even need to do a pool action push towards the screen. Overall the controls could be refined for a better playing experience. A few other problems with the game would be the lack of camera angles, sometimes making it hard to anticipate the correct angle to hit the ball. The music sucks but it can be switched off and you could replace it with your own background music through your own CD player if you wish. There are various environments, tables, opponents, ball sets, cue stick, music tracks as well as game modes ranging from 8,9,15, etc balls to play.

Overall a good game for those who wish to play pool at home but could be improved somewhat.

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