Wedding Coffeetea Meeting (15 Oct 2007)

Date: 15 October 2007
Venue: Starbucks @ The Gardens (Mid Valley)
Purpose: Wedding Committee Briefing
Success: I hope so… *fingers crossed*
Disclaimer: If anything goes wrong on the 2nd, we know who to blame

Many thanks in advance to those present during that day showing their support and ensuring us that things will indeed go smoothly during the Wedding Day on 2nd December 2007. Special thanks to my best man; Stephens Lo and May Lee’s Maid of Honour: Karen for making it and also to the representative Heng Tais and Chee Muis; Edwin, Richard, Vincent & Estee, Felix, Pui Fong, Siew Yin, Voonie, Jestine, Lisa, Karen & Eugene

We had a little corner at the smoking section (only place large enough for us to make a mess off) outside at the balcony. The staff present that day was very courteous and helpful even though I’m sure they would prefer to be off somewhere celebrating their Hari Raya with their families.






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