Wedding Day – Morning (2 Dec 2007)

A big thank you to all the Heng Tais who showed courage to face the pretty Chee Muis in skirts. The morning session went well. We all enjoyed the games and though the Tea ceremony was a bit lengthy, we enjoyed every single moment of it. It is after all a once in a life time deal… so it was a BIG DEAL. Thank You all for being present on that faithful morning. We love you all…

Here are some pictures to wet your appetite…


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2 thoughts on “Wedding Day – Morning (2 Dec 2007)”

  1. Where got kesian? This is mild already lor…. I’ve experienced some weddings in which the Heng Tais have to wear bra and ‘grandma’ brown underwear over their Tux…. now that is REAL kesian!! Also, some need to wear diapers too…. with wordings which reads “Open 24 hours!!!” hahaha…. :))

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