Wedding Dinner (2 Dec 2007)

A note of thanks to all who were able to join us on this joyous celebration. After 9 months of planning, this is the culmination of our efforts and thoughts, to ensure every little detail is taken care of and that all guests will have a truly fun wedding dinner.

Your presence at our wedding dinner, your wishes as well as your generous ang pows are sincerely appreciated… 🙂

Enjoy the photos!





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please visit our album here

2 thoughts on “Wedding Dinner (2 Dec 2007)”

  1. pic 186 – just wanna say, i wasn’t being greedy that nite. was actually carrying it for victor, lisa and sean (lazy fellers!). so adrian, you can stop staring at me like that ok.

    but, do you think you can photoshop the boxes out of my hands? a nice bottle of wine will be good. wolf blass maybe? or how about chianti? =D

  2. How can those lazy fellers make you carry them all and make you look like the greedy person!? Anyway how do you like our photographer? He has a knack of capturing everything… makes good security too. Lucky he was there else ppl would indeed be carrying wine out of there. *CLICK* Gotcha! – Great to have you at our wedding dinner! See u soon for some pool or something.

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