Wedding Slideshow (Flash Version)

If you missed or loved watching the slideshow during our wedding dinner, here it is again. The Full Slideshow is approx 19MB large so we have broken it down into two parts. If you wish to get the full combined version, you may right click & save HERE. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Wedding Slideshow (Flash Version)”

  1. I hate you…. bcoz both of you are damn beatiful and sweet !!!
    Once again, I sincerely wish both of you happy forever 🙂

  2. May Lee, we are glad to be at your wedding dinner. Awesome night!
    I post up some photos about your wedding and one of my friend comment this: OH MY GOODNESS!! tha’ts TAN MAY LEE!! My classmate from secondary school!!!! :O :O :O
    heehee, our network getting BIGGER ya…
    see here: Wedding Of The Year

  3. Hey Congrats! Didn’t recognize you without your glasses. So lengjai! Thanks for refreshing my mind – Ya I sure know the Benajmin!!! =) Such a small world … keep in touch. Will add your blog to my blogroll! =)

  4. I’m so sorry I missed your wedding 🙁 we’ll catch up after your honeymoon yeah? I’m so happy for you… wishing you both a GREAT & GRAND life together! love – weiyee & james

  5. hay my dear buddy, my e-mailrobics mate during uni. Sorry didn’t manage to make it for your big DAY. Really happy for you. Bravo. Finally you make it. ConGraTS….

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