Zack & Wiki (Quest for Barbaro’s Treasure)

Zack & WikiIt’s after Christmas and I finally got hold of this latest game from Capcom. It was recommended by In-Tech to be one of the year’s best games for the Wii, so I went out to buy this game to try it out myself…. and I’m glad I got it. Its by far the most interesting game I’ve played to-date. The graphics are interestingly bright and simple. Animations are cute and it’s a puzzle solving game which tests your wits without having to bust it. Though I’m only on the 3rd quest, and I’m sure it gets harder as I go along, it moves at a pace that does not intimidate the most brainless player. You don’t have to use must brain power to get through the stage but guess what? though the stages are “simple”, I did die once each time before I got through the stage… so as you can see… it’s not that simple as well. I think it’s just hard enough to test your senses and wits.

There is approx. 30 hours worth of game play to be enjoyed and you can play with them slowly as and when time permits. Just perfect for the busy individual in this modern world. The Wii controls enable  you to manipulate objects in the game to solve the puzzles. That actually makes you feel very immersed into the game and very into the character of Zack. Of course you have guides along the way which teaches you what to do with these object and ways of controlling them.

This game can be play either as an individual or as a group effort. Solve puzzles together.. that’s what the wii is good for…. getting people to interact together to enjoy a game. That’s what I love about the Wii… GET THIS GAME!

Zack treasure

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