Banting’s Infamous Beggar’s Chicken

Banting’s Infamous Beggar’s Chicken

The RestaurantEver thought why Beggar’s Chicken is so sought after? Try it for yourself, and you’d soon know why! It is worth the drive to Banting (Bukit Jugra), at least once in your lifetime! Just a word of caution NO RESERVATIONS means NO TABLE and NO FOOD!!! Walk-in customers are not entertained… Restaurant capacity = Approx 80 pax. So, please instant payday network call +603-3120 2515 for reservations, at least one (1) day in advance… (Pssst payment by CASH only!) Opening hours are from 1.00 to 4.00 pm and 6.00 to 8.00 pm. How is Beggar’s Chicken is cooked?

  1. Marinate the chicken in lots of Chinese herbs and seasoning
  2. Wrap chicken with silver foil and grease paper (those that we use for baking cakes)
  3. Cover the package with mud and few layers of brown paper
  4. Place the package in underneath layers of soil in the ground, with glowing ashes all done in a special hut (see pix below)
  5. Wait for 3 – 4 hours
  6. Break away the mud
  7. Tear off the brown paper and silver foil
  8. Ready to eat!!! Yum yum


Special Dishes Price List

NB. Prices listed here might not be accurate as they are subject to change

chicken.jpg porkleg.jpg glutinousrice.jpg
Beggar’s Chicken Beggar’s Pork Leg Glutinous Rice
soup.jpg fish.jpg
Longevity Soup Fish Cake

How to payday loans online direct lenders only get to Banting’s Beggar’s Chicken Approximately 70 km from KL city centre (Traveling time = Averaging 100 mins)

  1. Take the LDP
  2. Exit instant payday loans at Sunway toll
  3. Keep left and follow Pulau Indah sign (2nd left) and you will enter Kesas Highway
  4. Go straight and you will pass 2 tolls
  5. Follow payday loans online the sign that says Banting turn left here
  6. Go straight until you reach Banting town
  7. Follow the map payday loans las vegas below

Map Address: Bukit Jugra (Permatang Pasir), 42700 Banting, direct payday lenders Selangor Origins of Beggar’s Chicken ( People trace to the source of Hangzhou’s “Beggar’s Chicken” and find a story. It happened direct payday lenders long long ago. The federal dynasty imposed heavy tax on civilians, and people were deprived of everything. Family broken up, they strayed everywhere as beggars. One day, a beggar was floating in Changsu of Jiangsu Province, cold ez internet payday system login and hungry. Little by little, he couldn’t stand up and fainted. His fellow sufferers were trying to save him. They collected wood and burned it to warm him up. One fellow sufferer took out the only remained chicken and prepared to cook for him. But without any tools to cooking, they were very worried. Suddenly, one of them got an idea. He suggested wrapping up the chicken with slush, and putting the mud pie into fire to bake. They continuously collected wood and baked mud pie. Finally, when the chicken payday 2 skill tree was fully cooked, they began to knock open mud. To everyone’s surprise, the feather was also payday loan scams falling off with mud, big oil payday 2 and the chicken smelled very nice. The aroma attracted all neighbors around. They came and couldn’t stop praising the unique cooking style and the unique taste. Later, Louwailou absorbs this cooking experience and makes payday one some improvement. They takes “Yue Chicken”, Shaoxing’s Wine and the lotus leaf in West Lake as the material. First, they kill a fresh “Yue Chicken” and clean it, add all kinds of spices, stuff condiment in chicken’s stomach, then bind it with West Lake lotus leaf, wrap it with a kind of mixture made by Shaoxing wine, salt water and mud from wine jar, finally bake it in steady fire for three to four hours. The mud pile is opened in front of guests. Because the chicken is cooked in a sealed envelope, the original payday loans las vegas taste is perfectly kept, and with the flavor of wine penetrating into chicken, you will feel a fragrance coming when opening the mud. Thus this dish is full of not only nutrition but also sentiment. That’s why when tourists come to Hangzhou, they all want payday loan to taste this traditional and famous dish.

3 thoughts on “Banting’s Infamous Beggar’s Chicken”

  1. i did try the beggar chicken couple weeks ago and herewith my comment of that:-

    1) The location is around 60km away from PJ area. It spend >1hour to reach since kampung road and quite numbers of traffic lights.

    2) the cost is quite high, it looks like 300% profit for each dish.

    3) taste of the food is so so, and we decide that was our 1st time for Banting Beggar Chicken, also be our LAST time.

    NOT recommend for 2nd time visit.

  2. Yeah… I also think its a little too far for me all the way from KL. From what I heard… its nothing that fantastic that warrants a trip all the way there just for the pricey food. Perhaps if it was part of a roadtrip then that would be nice.

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