Politics and Voting in Malaysia

Coat of ArmsI’ve never been into politics simply because I have no interest and its not my kind of game. Having said that, this is actually the first year I will be exercising my voting right as a Malaysian citizen. I managed to register myself at the LCCT as I was headed out on a holiday trip. Seeing a make shift desk at the airport, my then gf, and now wife suggested that I register myself, which I duly did.

Government, politics & etc… call me naive but I was never really concerned with it all until recently. I managed to learn more of what’s happening by reading the papers and watching the news. Plus seeing the American polls on CNN made it all the more interesting to follow. I did a search for “voting in Malaysia” in google and ended up at some interesting sites. If you want to know a summarised version of what the voting process is like in Malaysia, I recommend visiting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elections_in_Malaysia . Its a pretty good read and should give you a rough idea of what’s the electoral process is like.


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