Garmin GPS Navigator – Nuvi 250

During our last two trips to Penang, I brought along our Garmin Nuvi 250 GPS assist in navigating around Penang. Actually when I was offered to use the unit, I declined,  but after much thought, I decided to bring it along. No harm trying it out right?

After trying it out first hand in a place I know little about, I found the Garmin GPS most helpful. My brother-in-law commented that we drove around like locals via the shortcuts and small lanes. I must say, the GPS made me feel comfortable and sure of where I was and where I was going. It had very little faults so I guess the map that I had in the unit was pretty much up-to-date. However I decided to surf the internet and managed to update the GPS’s software as well as load up free maps of Sydney (Australia) to see how the system would adapt. I didn’t manage to get the unit to “Speak Out” the directions during the simulation drive around Sydney. Perhaps its coz I didn’t have the needed data files? Perhaps someone could point this out to me since I am very new at this and am just learning how the GPS works and what files are needed for proper navigation. So far, I managed to find out that there are various files; the MAP itself, the POIs (Point of Interests) and perhaps the NAVIGATION file (which brings out the audio). This last part I am not really sure though as I have mentioned.

All in all, I think the GPS is a good buy and a very useful tool to have. I would recommend it to any one who drives a lot, and those who like exploring places and roads. You will never lose your way again… that’s until you lose satellite connection. If that happens, you will need to use your girl instincts (i.e. ask for directions!)

Some of the places which I used the GPS to find: Komtar, Lone Pine Hotel, E&O Hotel, Ocean Green Restaurant, Swatow Lane, Penang Hill, Botanical Gardens, Snake Temple, Penang Bridge, Gurney Drive/Plaza & loads more.

Here are a few useful links: (Garmin’s Official Map), (FREE Malaysia & Singapore Maps)

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