Penang World Music Festival

Our trip to Penang during the weekend brought us up to the Penang World Music Festival 2008 held at the Botanical Gardens. The tickets were RM50.00 each and it was a wonderful experience to be there to listen to world class performers beating, blowing and singing out their tunes.

We were there for the performances on the 3 May but we did not manage to stay right till the end as we were tired, exhausted and hot after a long hot day moving around Penang.

The most memorable performances that caught my attention was a Hindi like group which has a women spinning round and round on the spot for the entire duration of the performance, which was like for a good 5 minutes. She then walked away without looking tipsy at all! I also enjoyed the Irish performers which belted out some nice irish tunes on their violins and flutes. The last performance I managed to catch before we headed off was by a Canadian group from Montreal singing in Canadian French more of acapella style. Their voices were harmoneous and soothing and they were an all women group except for a guy who was creating the tunes and rhythm just by using some simple tools and his feet.


All in all it was a great outing. I now have a feel of what its like at the Rainforest Music Festival held in Sarawak. This was probably a preview of whatever happens over there! Don’t think I’ll be making a trip over there soon so this will have to do for now. Am already happy as a fiddle.

For more details on the festival which you might want to attend next year, you can check it out at


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