Keeping Fit with Wii Fit

Wii Fit BoxAdded to my Nintendo Wii collection is my latest Wii Fit. I must say that although the board costs a whopping RM500+ for the US version and RM300+ for the Japanese version (it ain’t cheap!), I did have quite a lot of fun with it so far. If you actually calculate the costs of paying for the Wii Fit and paying for GYM fees, I’d say this is a lot more worth it. Of course for those of you who are serious in your workouts, nothing beats a proper gym setup.

Anyway, having said that, the Wii Fit has been keeping me, my parents as well as my nephews busy “working” out. My favourite part of the program must be the YOGA exercises. It does help with your posture and if you’re serious about the exercise routines, I’m sure this is a good health product to own. It’s fun too!

Basically this Wii Fit is a board that hooks up wirelessly to your Nintendo Wii. It will detect your balance points (I believe there are 4 zones/quadrants) and it also tells you your weight. Take it as a high tech weighing scale. It can calculate your BMI and center of balance and with that it allows you the ability to basically control movements by leaning side to side and front to back like a human joystick and the “character” on screen will do the same. So with that, you can play balance games (heading soccer balls, skiing down slopes, snowboarding, moving balls into holes, & etc) as well as do exercises like Balance (Yoga), Strength (Pushups), Hoola hooping, Boxing, Step Aerobics & etc.

Wii Fit

 If you own a Wii and you haven’t tried it out yet, I highly recommend it to you! Go for a demo somewhere and I’m sure you’ll be hooked. It definitely brings interaction to the next level. The only problem with the board is that… like all games… it tends to collect dust after a while. Then again, if you’re motivated enough and keep a strict routine, I’m sure it’ll help you keep fit and have better posture in the long run. It definitely gets you off your A** for sure! Overall a very good product and idea from the inventors.

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