ISA – a political tool prone to abuse

The happenings during this past weekend shows how the ISA can be used as a political tool to control and put fear into people to stop them from “reporting” or “creating havoc” in Malaysia. I totally agree with Datuk Zaid Ibrahim when he mentioned that the ISA should be reserved strictly for terrorists rather than normal civilians. Surely people should be allowed to have free speech but when is too much really too much? Up to 3 arrests were made within the last few days and it is reported in the newspapers that many more might be in line to come as believed by Datuk Anwar Ibrahim.

While RPK and Therasa Kok is still held under ISA, Ms. Tan was released yesterday. The apparant reason provided by our Home Minister was that she was arrested in best interest of her security. Where in the world do people get arrested for their own safety? It just sounds bloody rediculous that someone should be arrested under ISA just because his/her life is under threat. Imagine this… if I threaten someone’s life, I won’t be put behind bars but the person who’s threatened would get locked up under ISA. Oh what a wonderful world!

If anything is clear is that the power of ISA has been and is used as a political tool to control people rather than to instill safely for the nation. Surely this mentality must change. What’s really insulting is that they are taking us as idiots with all these silly excuses and reasoning. E’nuf said, as I’ve mentioned before, politics suck and so do those who play the dirty game.

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