Addicted to Online Life?

Are you an internet junkie? Since you’re reading this post of mine, I would think you’re 99% confirmed junkie. Fear not though of this accusation as majority of the people online these days are addicted to the internet. Most people can’t live without logging in daily. Others need to check their emails constantly. Then there are others who feel right only when they have their crackberry by their sides. Even if you do not belong to any of the groups mentioned above, I’m sure you have a facebook account which you can’t stay away from. Apart from checking out what your friends are doing via facebook instead of talking to them directly, most people feel a need to update their profiles and upload new pictures everyday as though its some kind of competition of sorts. Afterall.. who likes a boring profile…. or boring blog (like this one?). So yeah… I can be considered an internet junkie and addict myself. Even if I tried avoiding such activities, I am unable to avoid it fully as being on the internet, understanding how it works are all part and parcel of my full time job!

Anyway I gotta stop for dinner now… Am trying to tear myself away from the PC before it chews my life away. Call me out for a coffee if you’ve got the time… then again.. you can always send me a coffee through facebook if you’re the lazy type like me 🙂

One thought on “Addicted to Online Life?”

  1. *smells* like me, sounds like me but its not me… hehe

    I think i’m almost a 80% convert into the so called addict. =) Oh well, been long time. Coffee on you! =P

    Catch up one of these days, I promise.


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