Cooking chez CV – Seafood Paella

This weekend, we had a craving for Paella but we were unable to find any at the Curve… Not that we looked hard but we were told (by our food connoisseur Lim Fong) that they only had it at La Bodega. Feeling adventurous we decided to attempt to cook this dish in our little kitchen. We bought all the necessary ingredients at the Cold Storage. I think the main ingredients cost us about RM30.00 in total (Not too bad eh) but that was because we had to buy a whole pack of small rice, garlics, etc which can be used another day. We got home and downloaded a little recipe from the internet as guidance so that we know what order to put the ingredients in. Anyway why did we cook this dish? We decided we wanted to see how long it took us to cook the dish since we saw them cooking this dish in Kan Cheong Kitchen on NTV8. hahah… needless to say, it took us approximately 1 hour to prepare and cook and there were two of us. I think we would have lost badly if we took part.. but having said that… the end product was superb. We enjoyed the taste and the lovely dish though we got the water level a little on the soggy side. I’m sure we’ll do better during our next attempt… that’s after we buy a nice big pan to cook it in. If you refer to the pictures… you would have noticed we cooked the rice in two separate dishes… one corning ware and the other in a pot. A little hard to judge the water level when using such deep “cooking” dishes.

If anyone wants to try cooking this dish… I would recommend you to try it out. Its really not that difficult to cook and it’s really yummy!

Meal dated: 25 October 2008

4 thoughts on “Cooking chez CV – Seafood Paella”

  1. hHaha… what I meant was I can only thought of La Bodega at that point of time when you needed a “fix” of paella. keke…

    Anyway nice try! Next time I’ll be sitting in Changkat View to taste the food!


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