Cooking chez CV – Smoked Oysters on French Loaf

A little bit of tib-bits don’t hurt anyone…. Here we have our breakfast and tea time snack. We opened up a can of smoked oysters and sliced up our French  loaf bought from Atria’s supermarket. We toasted the French loaf slices and buttered them and shoved them into our little toaster over (compliments of Richard & Sharmaine.. thanks guys). Once nicely yellowed, we took it out and spreaded the smoked oysters onto the slices… added salt, pepper, a little lemon and some tobasco sauce….. yummy!

Meal dated: 19 October 2008

2 thoughts on “Cooking chez CV – Smoked Oysters on French Loaf”

  1. didn’t know you guys been trying different cook at home.. I want…I want… :p

    Can come to my house do some cooking also everything is ready …. yesss…

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