Samsung Omnia i900 – ROM Download & Upgrade

It’s almost been 4 days since I’ve installed the new ROM which I stumbled upon Samsung’s Site. The first impression I got was a smoother running interface and secondly an improved battery life! The Keyboard selector does not hang like per before. Then again, the sluggishness could have been due to the fact that I might have overloaded my Omnia previously with all sorts of program which I wanted to test out. For this new ROM, I only installed back what I use as per what is stated at

The battery level improved drastically especially under normal usage levels. I use the phone to receive and make business calls so you can expect pretty “heavy” usage. The battery level you would be surprise is still remaining at 100% and it’s already 6:47pm granted that its been pretty quiet over the last hour or two 😉 Normally under the same circumstances, I would have had to re-charge the phone already. But having said that… if the phone is used for heavy GPS or GPRS usage as well as games, the battery level does come down… then again.. shouldn’t it ? Everything uses power esp transmissions. Using the Internet Sharing to surf via 3G+ shouldn’t be a concern as the USB cable will charge the phone at the same time. Using WMWiiRouter as a wireless hotspot is a different case because both the WIFI and GPRS is running concurrently. All in all, I’m happy with the battery level for this new ROM and I would recommend it to those of you who are complaining of short battery durations.

You may download your own ROM from Upgrade your phone today if you haven’t done so already. You’ll notice a marked improvement in the performance of your phone.

5 thoughts on “Samsung Omnia i900 – ROM Download & Upgrade”

  1. hi
    i have a omnia mobile phone. but i want dictionary in my phone, how can i get free dictionary on internet.

  2. hi Hoda. Not too sure what dictionaries are out there but you can try searching for “Mobile Systems MSDict Oxford Dic” from Mobile Systems. I’m sure you’re able to find a free version somewhere.

  3. hey..any help plz..ive had my omnia for a week and im trying to get the kyro theme installed on my omnia i900 but it’s not working..can any body tell me how 2 do that plz..!!

  4. I live in the US and purchased a Samsung Omnia i900. Nothing works right, I got it on ebay new from a seller in England. I can’t get voice command to work, can’t get cyberon speed dial guess it is only available predownloaded on selected phones. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how or what I can do to 1. Upgrade the Rom (doesn’t give me the US as a choice 2. Get some kind of voice software that will allow me to use my bluetooth to make phone calls. Any help would be great. I’ve had this about 3 days and I’m about ready to sell it. Don’t want to give up that easily.

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