Cool Mobile Shell Skin – Omnia

Just found this website after having surfed around quite a bit to make my Omnia look like a HTC Touch. If you have SPB Mobile Shell installed on your phone, you can make use of this collection by “Stu Nicholls” located at his site at . Once you have installed the plugin, you will no longer need to overwrite files just to change the look & feel of your Mobile Shell on your phone. Not only does this program work for the Omnia, it basically works for all Windows Mobile phones (probably WM5, WM6 & above).

Not only can you make your Omnia look like a HTC phone, you can also make it look like an iPhone. That should give curious onlookers a puzzled look when they see your phone and its interface.

I like the way this program works. Basically you can change your skin, theme, buttons  & overall look of your phone just by selecting easy options without having to soft reset your phone. Great for people who gets bored of their phone’s look. You can practically change the look & feel every single day if you wanted to. Have fun with this one!

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