Streamyx Internet “slow” down… AGAIN!?

Just saw in the Star news site today that STREAMYX service is disrupted. Gosh… That should explain why I have been having trouble surfing to overseas sites lately. Don’t think this happened just recently because I have been having problems since 1 or 2 weeks ago! Now surfing to Facebook is like a gamble. Sometimes its fast… but most of the time it’s terribly slow and sometimes even unloadable.

At this day and age… why are we still having to rely on any “single” underwater cable? When one cable goes down, it seems our entire nation’s Internet speed comes to a crawl. For heaven’s sake… buy more redundant bandwidth from the other cable providers. Surely the people at streamyx shouldn’t be skimping on something as important as internet connectivity… well.. not that facebooking is so important to begin with 😉

“KUALA LUMPUR: Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) has reported a disruption in its Internet services due to circuit faults on the submarine cable network linking Malaysia and Europe, and said the services would be completely restored by Dec 31.

It said the affected cables, on the Southeast Asia-Middle East-Western Europe 4 (SMW4) submarine network between Palermo in southern Italy and Alexandria in northern Egypt, were being repaired and that some of the links had meanwhile been rerouted to ease congestion”

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