Samsung Omnia Hard Reset

For those of you who wish to perform a hard reset, you may follow the following steps:

  1. Switch off  / Power off your phone
  2. Hold the CALL, CANCEL & POWER BUTTON for about 5 seconds
  3. A screen will pop up showing you instructions like step no. 4
  4. Click on the Call button to continue with formatting/resetting or Cancel button to abort.

If step 2 is done correctly, Step 3 will show up, else the Omnia will just boot up like normal.

Note: This hard reset does not erase the 16GB memory. If you wish to reset everything, use the software hard reset by going to Settings > Hard Reset.

Additional Notes for: UPGRADING / DOWNGRADING

For those of you who are doing a hard reset (as I did to rectify Omnia ROM version detected problem during updates), you may also try the following:

– Get your favourite registry edit
– change HKCU\Control Panel\Version\CustomVersion from DZHK3 to any version number that is lower than the one you are trying to install

This will allow you to upgrade or downgrade your ROM to any version. This needs to be done because Omnia updates only allow upgrades to newer versions but not downgrades to older versions.

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