Samsung Omnia i900 – i900DZIA5 ROM Upgrade

Today I just updated my Omnia from the old ROM i900DZHK3 (updated 2 Jan 2009) to i900DZIA5 (updated 28 Feb 2009). Apparantly I was told that there were some nice updates to the ROM this time round. It never ceases to amaze me that Samsung is still providing ROM updates to this phone even after its been out in the market for about 8 months now?!

Each time I do an update, its like I’m getting a new phone all together. So what’s new in the update? Well I was told it has the following goodies:

  • New settings for enhanced GPS.
  • Ability to update when omnia is connected to PC via ActiveSync
  • Phonebook listing has been improved (Alphabet listing removed… its too small anyway unless you have a stylus)
  • Volume control is now finger friendly (again without having the need for a stylus)
  • Favourite Settings, a finger friendly application that access some of the settings
  • “Share pix” program which is something like Shozu, for uploading of videos and images (Supports Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket, Friendster, MySpace)
  • New Game – Asphalt: Elite Racing 4 Ver 1.2.0
  • Omnia Online widgets, now you can download more widgets. Old widgets are gone
  • Opera 9.5 build 15746

The ‘My Storage’ has been cleared and some stuffs are included here

  • The asphalt game is installed here (so is the cab file)
  • 2 music files, TheOMNIA and BeyongSamsung
  • Kung Fu Panda trailer
  • Transformers trailer
  • Omnia video tutorial
  • Omnia launch video (Introduction and Episodes)

NOTE: When I tried to update the rom from i900DZHK3  to i900DZIA5, the update program told me that I already had the latest ROM. If you face this problem then you should read the following post on how to rectify the problem:

You may download your own ROM from Upgrade your phone today if you haven’t done so already. You’ll notice a marked improvement in the performance of your phone.

7 thoughts on “Samsung Omnia i900 – i900DZIA5 ROM Upgrade”

  1. Adrian

    I posted a question related to this, this post of yours answered most q’s, tq.

    Keep us posted on any findings you have.

  2. Sure no problem… hope you’re enjoying the phone like I am. I did notice that the phone does hang now and then lately. Perhaps this is due to the incompatibility problems with S2U settings or other programs which I might be running on the unit.

  3. i am in the us. i do not see an option for that and i want to upgrade my phone. what do i need to chose

  4. Karebe… I see your problem there. Samsung does not have any specific upgrade or support for the USA at the moment. You need to either wait for that or if not, try your luck with any country’s upgrade (e.g. Singapore). Please note that you might brick your Omnia so its good if you have a Samsung service center which can change it back for you incase anything happens. Else you can also try calling them and asking them which country will best match USA.

  5. hi
    i am using samsung omnia since one year. but o dont know how to upgrade my photo to latest. can u please help me by sending the details pf upgrading rom.
    present i am staying in qatar

  6. hi
    now i am using samsung omnia i900. since one year i am using this mobile. recently i tried to upgrade my mobile rom. present my mobile version is JPID1. when i am trying to upgrade it is saying this version is not correct. can you please suggest me why this is happening like this.

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