Cooking chez CV – Lamb Chops

Meal Dated: 1 March 2009

As you would have noticed, the title states “Cooking chez CV” like the rest of the other articles, however this lamb chop meal was actually done in Bangsar. Since cooking in Bangsar is actually very seldomly done, I’ve decided to retain the “chez CV” instead of  putting “chez Bangsar”.

How did the idea for this meal came along? Well.. basically while doing some shopping in TMC in Lucky Garden, I noticed that there was a pack of lamb chops (5 pieces) which was going for only RM15! Seeing that it was cheap, I started to develop a craving for lamb chops and offered my mom to cook for the family thus giving her a day off in the kitchen!

The lamb was marinated using normal steak seasoning we obtained from Vancouver previously and I added some italian seasoning & stuff to it. The meat was left to marinate in the fridge for a whole day in a bag for the next day’s cooking on the electric grill. Apart from the lamb chops, on the menu were also some steamed carrots (prepared by mom dearest), sautee mushrooms, grilled mushrooms and skewered capsicum and mushrooms, and garlic bread.

How did the food turn up? Needless to say, it was delicious! (as can be backed by my witnesses i.e. mom,dad & May Lee). As usual, here I leave you with some pictures to salivate on. I like how colorful the capsicum, onions, carrots,  and tomatoes make the dish…. STOP DROOLING ON YOUR KEYBOARD!

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