Yak-55 with 3 Bladed 15×8 Prop

3 Blade EP Propeller 15×8 / 381x204mm

Just received my 3 bladed prop shipment today and I immediately tried it out on my Yak-55. I spent approx. 20-30 mins shaving 2 of the 3 blades to obtain a balanced blade since it ain’t perfect out of the factory.

I hooked up the WATTS UP meter and recorded the following readings. Specs as per below:

  1. SWANG 480Kv Brushless Motor + 80A 5A BEC ESC 158U
  2. RHINO Battery 3700mAH 5S1P 20C
  3. 3 Blade EP Propeller 15×8

Max Amp: 57.74
Wp: 1110.9
Wh: 1.5
Vm: 19.13

Specs look ok for the system so will test out the flying performance soon!

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