Commited Social Suicide…well not quite…

I read from somewhere the other day that there were sites around the internet that helped people commit suicide… Wondering what this was all about, I found out that people weren’t exactly committing real suicide but rather “Social Suicides” which is where they wipe out their “Online Persona”. There are actually sites out there that allow and help people get rid of their online persona like those on MySpace, Friendster or Facebook. Now this is an interesting thought and naturally these social sites have “blocked” such sites from accessing and doing what they should be. Naturally it goes against the privacy and access policies stated on these social sites.

I guess there are actually people out there who wish to get rid of their online information and identities. Reasons could be many fold but I guess sometimes, the less information there is available online for others to see, the safe one would feel. However this means that the person would also be less “connected” and “wired”.

As a first move in joining this social suicide move, I actually removed all the game applications like “Special Forces”, “Restaurant City”, “Farmville”, “Fishville” from my Facebook profile. Why? Well… coz I guess I’ve had enough fun with these apps and I’d like to spend my time doing other more productive things like writing this blog entry for example. If I didn’t remove the apps today, I’d most probably be doing some missions or feeding my hungry staff and fishes and not to mention ploughing my field and milking my cows…

If anyone wants to call me out for a drink… I’m now free to take up your offer… 🙂

5 thoughts on “Commited Social Suicide…well not quite…”

  1. You didn’t mention, that thes sites may actually take / repoicate your info, before deleting them……so beware people…..

  2. No kidding! And all of a sudden, facebook turned so boring! I hardly log in to facebook like before. Try it and you’ll reclaim a lot of your precious time back.

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