Ramblings from a father of 3

So here we are in August 2014. Just realized my previous post was in November 2011! Has it really been that long since my last post? I know I have been neglecting this blog and posts but I really didn’t realize it has been so long! Time sure flies….

What have I been up to apart from work? Well most of the time I’m with my family. Having been blessed with 3 little adorable girls, I am also burdened with having to spend time looking after them. This includes but does not limit to daily showers, toilet visits (big and small), trying to put the eldest to sleep early (she sleeps only by 12am), play time with no.1 & 2, etc etc. I am however able to squeeze some free minutes here and there especially when the little ones are asleep (every parent knows this!)

So what do I do when I get some free time to myself? Well here’s a quick list I can think of:

  • fixing stuff around the house (yes I’m the handy man)
  • sitting down for some senseless channel surfing (doesn’t last long and I find myself being interrupted) since I never get to watch a full movie or show
  • playing with some new gadget I bought (GoPro, Gimbals & Multicopters for videoing)
  • fixing and maintaining my RC heli’s and planes (Thankfully I still get to go flying on Sunday mornings)
  • playing with the computer (which includes Flight Simulators & RC Simulators)
  • watching YouTube on the computer
  • reading online forums
  • occasional mamak outing with my buddy nearby

Anyway this is not a complete list but you get my gist. Hopefully as the kids grow up, I would be able to find more time to do other stuff (like going to the movies, holidays & etc) but for now, I’ll just have to find more time as and when I can.

I was going to name this blog post “Flight Simulators, Space Simulators and Combat Simulators” but I decided to change it coz I realized this post was more about ramblings rather than about the simulators themselves. Well perhaps better luck in the next post!

Ok enough rambling! Dinner time!


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