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The above sentence was posted via SMS by using the SMS Inbox Forwarding service to my script here on WordPress!

How does it work? – All I had to do was send an SMS to 32355 which wrote “SMS OPP (Posting by SMS) This is so awesome. This posting works!

The forwarding engine at identifies the message as belonging to my account (identifier being the word ‘OPP), and forwards the real content portion “(Posting by SMS) This is so awesome. This posting works!” to my script here. The script URL is up to me to set in my OPP WebSMS2u Account Manager but it basically points to my script here. Or it can be pointed elsewhere if needed for other purposes.

The wp-websms2u.php script sitting on then which then breaks down the mesage into Subject and Text and enters the entry into my posts automatically.

The subject / category portion is determined by the words inbetween the (brackets) and the rest of the text following that is entered as text.

I have set the authentication to check against my userlist here so that only registered users are able to perform posts to my blog.

Do you want to MMS to this blog?

If you wish to MMS to my blog there are a few settings you need to do to your phone. I’m not too well versed with all the phones out there so I’ll just give you the basics as to what needs to be done.

First of all you need to set the MMS Settings on your phone:

  1. GPRS Setting will still be going out via your mobile operator (so you can leave that alone)
  2. You will need to add a new MMS setting to your phone to use my MMS server instead of that of your Mobile Operator. So proceed to your settings/ configuration and add a new Multimedia Message setting via Personal Configuration. The setting details are as per below:
    • Account Name: Ourplaypen MMS
    • Server Address:
    • Use Preferred Access Point: Yes (However if it does not work then set to ‘No’ and use the following settings)
      • Access Point Settings (this setting should be that of your Telco Provider. In this example I will be using Maxis Malaysia Settings):
        • Proxy: disabled
        • Bearer Settings:
          • GPRS Access Point: net
          • Authentication Type: Normal
          • Username: maxis
          • Password: wap
  3. Once the above configuration is done, go to your Message Settings (MMS) and go to the Configuration Settings to select the newly set up account (named as Ourplaypen MMS, as per above in Point No.2)

Phew… that was quite a bit of work huh? Well you only have to do the above once and it will be set on your phone for life… until you decide to delete the settings or until you lose your phone 😉

To Post a Blog:

  1. Compose a normal MMS as you would.
  2. You can send pure text or a combination of text and images or sound.
  3. Once you are done composing your message, send the message to the number: 888
  4. Your message will then be queued for approval on the blog.

Please refrain from sending me junk postings or advertisements because I’ll simply delete them. Please also give some sort of identification as to who you are so that I can contact you if necessary. I might find your posting interesting and decide to get in touch with you.

Caught this Cabbie on my Phone

EDITOR’S NOTE: There used to be a picture here of a MALAYSIAN CAB but it was accidentally deleted and lost when I did an update from WordPress Version2.0.x to Version 2.1

Cabs! I cant help but have cabs! They drive as though they dont care if tomorrow comes or not! Majority of Malaysian taxi drivers flout the traffic laws all the time. They are a menace to society and cause accidents. Oh i dont sound biased do ? My apologies… Take that you scum!

Edited: Drats I didn’t manage to get his number plate!

MMS Post Blog a Success!

EDITOR’S NOTE: There used to be a picture here of a MAY LEE infront of a Fun Fair Entrance but it was accidentally deleted and lost when I did an update from WordPress Version2.0.x to Version 2.1 

This posting has been sent in via my mobile phone through Maxis MMS system. As you can see, it works and I am truly happy and amazed. This is truly a good learning experience as to the ins and outs of sending MMS from phone to any page on the internet.

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