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The Wedding of the Century! What a romantic fairy tale…

Superstar Virgo Honeymoon Cruise (9 to 12 Dec 2007)

[thumb:1766:l]Looking for a great getaway without going far? Try the Superstar Virgo Cruise! This trip was to be our honeymoon trip but it was done with 15 of us in total. Me, my wife and 13 other family members and relatives. I would say this is one trip worth remembering! Not because our privacy was intruded but rather because we simply had so much fun on the cruise…and having our family members around added to the fun and pleasure of the trip.

We left KL early on the 9th morning at approx 6am and headed down to Singapore by chartered bus. After a couple of toilet stops and breakfast, we finally reached Harbour City in Singapore where we boarded the ship. Checking in was simple enough even though there were so many people around. Again Singapore has managed to do it right. The last time we were here with a large crowd was during last year’s visit to the Night Safari. Lots of people but yet smooth flowing traffic. Simply wonderful!


Upon stepping onto the ship.. YES IT WAS BOTH OUR FIRST TIME on a cruise… Sad huh? But at least we can say we’ve done it now! Well upon stepping on, we got a little lost as we tried looking for our cabin. Due to the 15 persons group the rooms & etc got a little messed up but it was soon sorted out and we finally found our room…. which we later got changed to a much quieter room. The first room was driving me nuts with the low audible hum . The front-desk has no qualms about switching our rooms for us. The new room was almost dead quiet… so that was a relief. And soon after we also found a little star shaped shortbread cake with a cute face and the words sorry on it. Talk about wonderful customer service!

On board we had multiple meals from the normal buffet at the Mediterranean restaurant on deck 12 (Oh yes did I mention the ship has 13 levels!!! That colossal!) to the dim sum breakfast, classy dinner and wonderful lunches all around the ship! We also managed to catch the Mr. Bean Children’s special show as well as the acrobats from China and the dancers from Brazil. The broadway like shows were of world class level! I was really amazed and truly enjoyed the performances. We also managed to catch a performance by the staff and crew members. Again… world class standards and truly enjoyable! We also indulged in a little gambling at the casino. We had great company on the table with a couple of Singaporean sisters. They were funny and entertaining! We all made money on the 1st day but by the 3rd day or so… we were in the negative… but that’s alright coz it was truly fun and enjoyable nonetheless.

On the 4 days 3 nights cruise, we also managed to try a little Bingo luck with May Lee getting exciting calling for a last number but alas it never came. The cruise brought us from Singapore to Penang to Phuket and back to Singapore. At both Penang and Phuket, we got off the ship onto the island and went around on our own. Getting on and off the ship was done very orderly and I must again commend on the professionalism of the crew on board. Everything was so systematic. For example, when we got back to the Jetty in Penang it started to drizzle. The crew was at hand providing people with disposable raincoats! Talk about taking care of your passengers.

If you’ve never been on a cruise, I truly recommend going on the Virgo Cruise! The ship is large, stable and a pleasure to be on. Its after all one of the largest ships of the fleet. For those of you who think you might get seasick, you don’t have to worry…. I brought along travel sickness pills but I never had to use them at all. The ship was stable throughout the journey so much so that you would have though you were on terra firma but it did hit some rough seas on our way back from Phuket but even so, the motion was manageable.I look forward to our next cruise. It’ll definitely have to be on a large ship like the Virgo. I’m just somehow worried about getting seasick on the smaller vessels.

If we had more days on the trip, we would have gone to the gym as well as gone for some swimming too! I did however manage to try wall climbing on their “portable” and “configurable auto-rotating wall (somewhat like a vertical threadmill with grips for your hand and feet). Pretty tiring!!!
For more pictures, check out the Gallery Here

Wedding Dinner (2 Dec 2007)

A note of thanks to all who were able to join us on this joyous celebration. After 9 months of planning, this is the culmination of our efforts and thoughts, to ensure every little detail is taken care of and that all guests will have a truly fun wedding dinner.

Your presence at our wedding dinner, your wishes as well as your generous ang pows are sincerely appreciated… 🙂

Enjoy the photos!





For more photos,
please visit our album here

Wedding Day – Morning (2 Dec 2007)

A big thank you to all the Heng Tais who showed courage to face the pretty Chee Muis in skirts. The morning session went well. We all enjoyed the games and though the Tea ceremony was a bit lengthy, we enjoyed every single moment of it. It is after all a once in a life time deal… so it was a BIG DEAL. Thank You all for being present on that faithful morning. We love you all…

Here are some pictures to wet your appetite…


For more pictures,
please visit our album here

Wedding Shopping at PS Boutique (29 Oct 2007)

Date: 28 October 2007
Venue: Petaling Street

May Lee & Lisa (Photographer & Shopping Buddy) at a shop in Petaling Street buying Wedding Stuff for “exchanging of Big Gifts” and “Wedding Day” use. Pictures as per below…. Very RED (ang ang) huh ?

 PS. A very big thank you from both of us to Lisa for being such great help, companion and photographer!






Wedding Coffeetea Meeting (15 Oct 2007)

Date: 15 October 2007
Venue: Starbucks @ The Gardens (Mid Valley)
Purpose: Wedding Committee Briefing
Success: I hope so… *fingers crossed*
Disclaimer: If anything goes wrong on the 2nd, we know who to blame

Many thanks in advance to those present during that day showing their support and ensuring us that things will indeed go smoothly during the Wedding Day on 2nd December 2007. Special thanks to my best man; Stephens Lo and May Lee’s Maid of Honour: Karen for making it and also to the representative Heng Tais and Chee Muis; Edwin, Richard, Vincent & Estee, Felix, Pui Fong, Siew Yin, Voonie, Jestine, Lisa, Karen & Eugene

We had a little corner at the smoking section (only place large enough for us to make a mess off) outside at the balcony. The staff present that day was very courteous and helpful even though I’m sure they would prefer to be off somewhere celebrating their Hari Raya with their families.






The Meet The Family (24 Feb 2007)

A complex affair no doubt but we managed to pull it off with flying colors! I must say May Lee did a good job in charing the entire meeting. Yes, she’s a professional at heart.

Basically, our parents and siblings met first at my house (Adrian) to have a simple chit chat and introduction and later on moved to have lunch at Shanghai 10 which was just around the corner from my house. Nevertheless we still had to drive coz it was just too hot to have a large group of people walk over to the shop. There was a total of 15 of us and we had to grab two rows of tables just to fit us all since the shop didn’t have one large table enough to fit us all.

 Those present were my eldest sister & husband (Helen & Keith), my 2nd sister & husband (Karen & Peter), nephews Conrad and Sean, parents (mom & dad… hmm), May Lee,  her parents, her brother Jason, sister-in-law Lai Yeen, neice Jocelyn and myself of course 🙂

Lunch was great, we had many mini dishes plus the famous shanghai dumpling. Meeting went ok. Weather was hot. Overall it was indeed an experience!


The Proposal (14 Feb 2007)


The Formal Proposal was carried out on 14th Feb 2007 at one of KL Hilton’s finest executive suite. The planning for this started a few days prior to 14 Feb when I was thinking of a special getaway place to make the proposal. It struck me to have it at the Hilton as we both love bathtubs and hotel rooms! After work, I managed to check into the room first and later on waited anxiously for May Lee’s call to tell me that she has reached my house. Little did she expect to find me missing from home and telling her through the phone to pack her bags ready for me to pick her up! I wonder what was running through her mind at that time…

We managed to get to the hotel and enjoyed a few complimentary drinks before heading back to our room. The place had a wonderful ambience and what better way than to wait till the strike of midnight before making my move. I swear she thought I dropped something on the floor when I got down on one knee before popping the question. Well her wish for me to kneel down came true and it’s just a little price to pay to get something so wonderful in return.

The Ring Shopping (Dec 2006)

Our December 2006 break in Singapore had us enjoying ourselves and doing sightseeing as well as shopping… That’s shopping for Diamond Wedding Ring as well as Wedding Bands. We ended up in Soo Kee, which is a jewelry shop in Singapore but shares the same name of a Beef Noodle Restaurant in Imbi! Oh well… as long as the lady likes her stuff.

That’s May Lee infront of Soo Kee’s!