Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 added to the fleet

Panasonic GH1
Panasonic GH1

Five months after the launch of the Lumix DMC-G1 Micro Four Thirds camera, Panasonic has unveiled an HD version of the same in the shape of the Lumix sdasdDMC-GH1. The 12.1 megapixel camera’s Live MOS sensor can record up to 1080/24p or 720/60p high definition videos, with continuous AF and a built-in Dolby Digital Stereo Creator for quality sound recording. The GH1 comes with Panasonic’s designed-for-video Lumix G Vario HD 14-140mm lens. The camera includes a new Face Recognition feature that remembers individual faces, and offers four different aspect ratios with the same angle of view using a system similar to that in the company’s DMC-LX3 compact.

I think I’m gonna have lots of fun with this baby!

Yak-55 with 3 Bladed 15×8 Prop

3 Blade EP Propeller 15×8 / 381x204mm

Just received my 3 bladed prop shipment today and I immediately tried it out on my Yak-55. I spent approx. 20-30 mins shaving 2 of the 3 blades to obtain a balanced blade since it ain’t perfect out of the factory.

I hooked up the WATTS UP meter and recorded the following readings. Specs as per below:

  1. SWANG 480Kv Brushless Motor + 80A 5A BEC ESC 158U
  2. RHINO Battery 3700mAH 5S1P 20C
  3. 3 Blade EP Propeller 15×8

Max Amp: 57.74
Wp: 1110.9
Wh: 1.5
Vm: 19.13

Specs look ok for the system so will test out the flying performance soon!

Forcing 3G connection on Samsung Omnia i900

Have you ever felt frustrated when you’re happily surfing on 3G or 3G+ and suddenly it switches to Edge? How can that be when you’re not even moving between cells? Well apparantly according to Samsung experts, the phone automatically selects the strongest signal and switches to that (even if that means switching to a suckier connection).

Well I’ve managed to find on the internet how to FORCE your phone to lock onto the 3G connection no matter the signal strength. If you feel the need to do the same, please read on for the instructions:

You CAN force 3G preference for your phone.

  1. dial *#1546792*#
  2. don’t press the call button, it will automatically take you to the Admin Settings.
  3. select ‘3 Network & Call Settings’
  4. select ‘Network Order’
  5. select ‘WCDMA first’
  6. press Done
  7. press the End Call Button

For those of you interested in getting 3G all the time if possible (up to the lowest possible signal) while maintaining GSM as a backend if in case you don’t have any signal,  simply leave the Network Mode to auto and then change the Network Order to WCDMA first in order to prioritize WCDMA regardless of signal strength.
Note: The information provided here is to be used at your own risk and I take no responsibility for this information. No need to worry though because I have done the above to my phone and so far the connection has remained at 3G & 3G+ without dropping to E (Edge).

Align T-Rex 250 Tail Issue Fixed

I’ve managed to fix my tail wag issue on my T-Rex 250. Thought I’d share it with those of you who are looking for a solution.

I basically did the following:
1) I made my own “chinese weights” for the tail by using the nut ends of EZ Connectors and putting them through longer screws used to secure the tail blades. With the Nuts as added weight, it perfectly balanced the tennis raquet effect of the unweighted tail grips. After making adjustment, I was able to move the tail pitch slider (with or without the tail blades) easily without much force and when I let go of the pushrod, it would stay in place instead of move back to the center. The basically cures the high-torque needed to move the original tail slider due to design flaws.

2) I substituted the Align DS420 with a DS520 servo. I’m not sure if the 520 is needed after my fix above since I made the changes at the same time but the 520 definitely packs a bigger punch in terms of torque delivered to the tail slider.

As a result of the above changes, My GYRO Sensitivity which was previously at 60% is now up to 70%. I am probably also able to move it up to 75% without getting much wag but since I have changed my pinion from 15T to 16T now, I had to dial it back a little to prevent tail wag.

The Heli now feels locked in. I have yet to test full collective climb outs but I have a feeling the tail will hold this time round. Here’s to having more enjoyable flights rather than an expensive paper weight 🙂

I’ve also ordered a set of new tail grips from Align which comes with the counter weights. I’ll put them on to see if they perform as well as my mod but I doubt it since I’ve seen a video on YouTube which shows that the weights on the new tail grips are still not heavy enough to counter the tennis raquet effect. We shall see…

UPDATE – 4 July 2009 : I’ve installed the new tail grips from Align (which comes with the larger screw heads – thus new allen screwdriver is needed), and true enough, the weights on them does not make a big enough difference. As such I decided to put on my mod onto the tail which seems to even improve it more. Pls refer to the pictures below to see how I’ve done it.

Basically the new tail from Align and the weighted nuts did the job of curing the tail issue. When spooled up, I can move the tail freely with hand and if I leave it at any spot, it does not move or spring back to any position. Having said that, I’ve left the DS520 on the tail because that seems to deliver more power than the DS420 which in my opinion is a little on the weak side. Good Luck Guys

17 X 8 Turnigy Light Electric Propeller Specs

Turnigy Prop

Just managed to get my prop back from my friend today who got the hole enlarged to 8mm?!? Thank god for him coz I wouldn’t know how to get it drilled without having to bring it to a machine shop. Anyway I managed to hook up my WattsUp Meter to my Yak55 and got some readings off it. Specs as per below:

  1. SWANG 480Kv Brushless Motor + 80A 5A BEC ESC 158U
  2. RHINO Battery 3700mAH 5S1P 20C
  3. Turnigy 17×8 Light Electric propeller

Max Amp: 54.46
Wp: 1049

Just as a comparison from my previous post with a 16×10 prop:

  1. SWANG 480Kv Brushless Motor + 80A 5A BEC ESC 158U
  2. RHINO Battery 3700mAH 5S1P 20C
  3. TGS Sport 16×10E Precision propeller

Max Amp: 52.08
Wp: 923.3

From the looks of it… its not overdrawing any Amps for both the motor/esc & battery. The only problem is… there’s actually very little clearance of the prop from the ground. Especially hard not to scrape the tip on fields with loads of pebbles. Probably need to increase the wheel size perhaps 😉 Happy Flights all!

YouTube upside down prank – Cool April’s Fool Trick.


Just surfed onto youtube just now and was pleasantly surprised by their cool April Fool’s prank that turns the entire website upside down! No joke! If you want to see it for yourself (perhaps only available for today), just try clicking on

If you want to mess with your friends, you can try adding the following syntax at the end of any youtube video url (&flip=1) . Once you add &flip=1 to the URL, the screen goes upside down… compliments from YouTube of course. Smart fellas over there… cool trick.

Here on this page (, YouTube will teach you how to view upside down pages. Hilariously simple.

p.s. Sorry apparantly this trick does not work in Australia… or does it ? 😉

Happy April Fool’s!

Align Trex 250 – Micro Heli with an attitude!


My latest addition to my fleet is Align’s newest micro helicopter, the TREX 250. This little baby captured my interest the first time I laid eyes on it… or rather the first time I laid eyes on the box. My next encounter with it was by reading an article on RC HELI magazine which featured the new comer. What got  me interested was that the combo kit came with almost everything that you would need to get this heli up and flying except for a radio, receiver and battery. Apart from those three items, it came with everything like its very own digital servos, 3 for the cyclics and 1 for the rudder and it also comes with a high quality gyro fit even for larger birds.

The build of this heli was done over a span of 2 weeks although I believe you can actually get it done in 1 night since most of the heli was already pre-built. I took my time because I had to order LIPO batteries for it. For those of you who are short sighted and have fat fingers, do be warned… the screws and parts are really really minute! Don’t drop any screws or you’ll spend the rest of the night looking for them! Having said that… the instructions that came with the kit was pretty well written and laid out. Oh might I also add the quality of this kit is unbelievably good with its machined metal heads, carbon fibre parts and basically smooth operations of the tail drive and all head linkages.

I have just managed to fly this baby last Thursday / Friday but found that the GWS receiver which I used was prone to interference (which almost cost me to lose the chopper a few times). I have since changed it to a ‘spare’ 8CH corona receiver which seems to be doing very well.

I was also hit by the dreaded tail wag issue when gain was only set at 51% (head-holding) or 49% (non-head hold). Needless to say, the tail held terribly. I was so sure that I used the correct ‘+’ (plus) shaped horn measured at 5mm but still I decided to try to change it to the ‘o’ shaped horn which seemed to have the mounting point just slightly closer to the center than the ‘+’ shaped horn. Unbelivably, that cured the problem! So if you guys are having tail wag problems, make sure you use the right horn with the Align DS420 servo and Gyro! 5mm is the magic number. you might even want to try 4mm if there’s such a mount point! My rates are not at 65% there abouts and the tail holds like a dream. I  have also set my gyro to have a delay of close to 100% since a 0% delay seemed to give me a slight wag. I think the servo might be a little too quick for the tail and gyro to keep up!

Alright that’s all I have to report for now. Btw I’m using a Zippy 1000 mAH battery that’s rated at 25C. It was a little tight for the canopy but that was cured by drilling two new holes just about 7 or 8 mm back from the original holes. The power is good but I will need to try some pitch pumps and see how well the power holds now that my tail wag problem is gone and that the tail holds rock steady!

Overloaded with Dim Sum

During this past weekend on Saturday Morning, we went over to the recently opened Grand Imperial Chinese Restaurant in Bangsar Shopping Complex for some dim sum. While waiting for my sis and family &  uncle and aunty to arrive, I realised that the table was stacked full of dim sum bamboo baskets since the food arrived before them! Check out fully loaded turn table… which also collapsed to one side due to over “loading/stacking” of the dishes on top of each other. Dim sum there ain’t cheap (I think its comparable to most places like Jaya Palace, Jaya 33 & etc) but it was pretty delicious…

Cooking chez CV – Lamb Chops

Meal Dated: 1 March 2009

As you would have noticed, the title states “Cooking chez CV” like the rest of the other articles, however this lamb chop meal was actually done in Bangsar. Since cooking in Bangsar is actually very seldomly done, I’ve decided to retain the “chez CV” instead of  putting “chez Bangsar”.

How did the idea for this meal came along? Well.. basically while doing some shopping in TMC in Lucky Garden, I noticed that there was a pack of lamb chops (5 pieces) which was going for only RM15! Seeing that it was cheap, I started to develop a craving for lamb chops and offered my mom to cook for the family thus giving her a day off in the kitchen!

The lamb was marinated using normal steak seasoning we obtained from Vancouver previously and I added some italian seasoning & stuff to it. The meat was left to marinate in the fridge for a whole day in a bag for the next day’s cooking on the electric grill. Apart from the lamb chops, on the menu were also some steamed carrots (prepared by mom dearest), sautee mushrooms, grilled mushrooms and skewered capsicum and mushrooms, and garlic bread.

How did the food turn up? Needless to say, it was delicious! (as can be backed by my witnesses i.e. mom,dad & May Lee). As usual, here I leave you with some pictures to salivate on. I like how colorful the capsicum, onions, carrots,  and tomatoes make the dish…. STOP DROOLING ON YOUR KEYBOARD!

Cooking chez CV – Bak Kut Teh (BKT)

Meal Dated: 7 December 2008

This meal upload is long overdue due to hectic working schedules as well as lazy weekends. In this article, you will find that May Lee attempted to cook Bak Kut Teh at the apartment which I must say was pretty well done. With the help of the A1 prepacked seasoning,  the dish was pretty much authentic tasting. For those of you who wish to have a stronger tasting Bak Kut Teh soup, you might want to add in two sachets in the pot of soup. In my opinion, there’s never a too strong a bak kut teh soup… the stronger the better.

Bak Kut Teh as most Malaysians are aware of comprises of pork and herbal soup plus vege where applicable. Chik Kut Teh on the other hand is basically the same dish but the pork is substituted with chicken which basically makes the meal “halal”. I personally love BKT and think that CKT just doesn’t taste as good. Well everyone has their preference.

Bak Kut Teh should always go with soya sauce with chilli and garlic. Heck cares if your breath stinks after that… the taste is just worth it even if you might have to gargle and brush your teeth repeatedly after eating it.

Here are some pictures to whet your appetite!


For those of you who are unable to get the prepacked seasoning A1 Packets or similar, you may refer to the brief instructions which I found on the internet (Taste is not guaranteed but this is the general recipe).


  • 1kg pork ribs or chicken meat
  • 2 1/2 litres water
  • 2 whole bulbs garlic, do not peel
  • 20g Tong Sum
  • 12g Tong Kwai slices
  • 10g Chuin Kung
  • 20g Sook Tei
  • 25g Kei Chee
  • 15g Yoke Chok
  • 3 pieces Kam ChoeWrap in muslin cloth and tie up:
  • 1 tsp white peppercorns
  • 1 tsp black peppercorns
  • 1 tsp anise pepper or Szechuan pepper (Fah Chiew)
  • 1/2 tsp fennel seeds (jintan manis)
  • 1/2 tsp cumin seeds (jintan putih)
  • 3 cloves (bunga cengkih)
  • 1 star anise (bunga lawang)
  • 4cm piece cinnamon stick (kayu manis)Seasoning:
  • 1 1/2 tsp salt or to taste
  • 1 tsp monosodium glutamate
  • 3 tbsp light soy sauce
  • Method
    Bring water to a boil in a deep pot. Add herbs and simmer for 30 minutes. Put in pork ribs and simmer for 30 to 40 minutes over low heat until meat is tender.Add seasoning to taste. Use a ladle and scoop out excess oil that floats to the surface. Serve soup hot with plain or yam rice and garnish with yau char kwai.

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