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Align Trex 250 – Micro Heli with an attitude!


My latest addition to my fleet is Align’s newest micro helicopter, the TREX 250. This little baby captured my interest the first time I laid eyes on it… or rather the first time I laid eyes on the box. My next encounter with it was by reading an article on RC HELI magazine which featured the new comer. What got  me interested was that the combo kit came with almost everything that you would need to get this heli up and flying except for a radio, receiver and battery. Apart from those three items, it came with everything like its very own digital servos, 3 for the cyclics and 1 for the rudder and it also comes with a high quality gyro fit even for larger birds.

The build of this heli was done over a span of 2 weeks although I believe you can actually get it done in 1 night since most of the heli was already pre-built. I took my time because I had to order LIPO batteries for it. For those of you who are short sighted and have fat fingers, do be warned… the screws and parts are really really minute! Don’t drop any screws or you’ll spend the rest of the night looking for them! Having said that… the instructions that came with the kit was pretty well written and laid out. Oh might I also add the quality of this kit is unbelievably good with its machined metal heads, carbon fibre parts and basically smooth operations of the tail drive and all head linkages.

I have just managed to fly this baby last Thursday / Friday but found that the GWS receiver which I used was prone to interference (which almost cost me to lose the chopper a few times). I have since changed it to a ‘spare’ 8CH corona receiver which seems to be doing very well.

I was also hit by the dreaded tail wag issue when gain was only set at 51% (head-holding) or 49% (non-head hold). Needless to say, the tail held terribly. I was so sure that I used the correct ‘+’ (plus) shaped horn measured at 5mm but still I decided to try to change it to the ‘o’ shaped horn which seemed to have the mounting point just slightly closer to the center than the ‘+’ shaped horn. Unbelivably, that cured the problem! So if you guys are having tail wag problems, make sure you use the right horn with the Align DS420 servo and Gyro! 5mm is the magic number. you might even want to try 4mm if there’s such a mount point! My rates are not at 65% there abouts and the tail holds like a dream. I  have also set my gyro to have a delay of close to 100% since a 0% delay seemed to give me a slight wag. I think the servo might be a little too quick for the tail and gyro to keep up!

Alright that’s all I have to report for now. Btw I’m using a Zippy 1000 mAH battery that’s rated at 25C. It was a little tight for the canopy but that was cured by drilling two new holes just about 7 or 8 mm back from the original holes. The power is good but I will need to try some pitch pumps and see how well the power holds now that my tail wag problem is gone and that the tail holds rock steady!

Online Digital Magazines vs Old School Prints

Playboy Magazine CoverI was at an RC Helicopter Magazine site today trying to find out more details as to how to subscribe for the print versions but unfortunately they do not deliver to Malaysia. I would have hooked up right away if I was in USA or CANADA because the price was cheap at USD24.99 or so for 12 issues compared to RM30.00 or more per issue when bought locally at the newstands. That’s like USD105.00 Rediculous right?

Anyway the magazine said it was hooked up with Zinio and the first copy of their online version would be available in Jan 2008! That’s soon enough for me so I signed up for an account and downloaded their free offline reader and started to download some magazines to test it out. I would say the entire reading experience is somewhat. Nothing feels better than holding a hardcopy but it’s also comforting to know that I can carry the e-version of my magazines wherever I carry my notebook/pc. To make it appealing, the price is insane for some magazines at USD16.00 for 12 issues (on average). And you know what the interesting thing is? You can subscribe to PLAYBOY or PENTHOUSE at only USD19.97  for 12 issues! Who says you can’t get Playboy in Malaysia? haha.

I can’t wait to see how much the copies of the RC Heli magazine is… if it’s cheap enough.. I’ll definitely subscribe to it!


Check it out at: http://www.zinio.com

COMMENT ADDED 28 Dec 2008: I finally subscribed to RC HELI on zinio for approx USD25.00 about a week ago.  As of early this week, I have already read The Jan and Feb 2008 issue which was sent to my Zinio Reader. Talk about getting the issues early! I can’t wait till the March 2008 edition. The issues are simply great. I do wonder when it will be released. It’ll definitely be earlier than the hardcopy will be hitting the shelves here in Malaysia. Reading the E-Version of the magazine is definitely different than bringing a hardcopy of the magazine to the toilet with you. A bit of getting used to but that’s easily achieved. The current Zinio reader is easy and friendly to use.