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For two nights in a row, I was a space fighter & transport pilot

For two nights in a row sometime last week, I was living out my dreams and fantasy of being a space fighter and transport pilot. What an escape from reality it was!

All this was thanks to having a little alone time on my hands and also to “Elite: Dangerous”, the latest installment of the seminal open-world, go-anywhere, do anything space game developed by Frontier Developments.

To those who are still at a loss, Elite: Dangerous is an MMO space adventure. You get to pilot your own ship and trade, blast, explore, sneak, buy, barter, mission, co-op play, solo play your way to the top accolade in the galaxy.

Even without an Oculus Rift (Virtual Reality Headset) and not having set up head tracking as yet to fully utilize my 3 monitors, I felt totally immersed in the game making trade runs and making money just like how I used to with Taipan, except this time, it’s with all the fancy sound and visual effects. It was pure fun docking and undocking from space stations and also approaching stars and warping in and out of hyperdrive.

If you are interested in seeing how the effects looks like, just have a view of this youtube video which I simply plucked out from google.

There is another game which I bought into because of the previous Wing Commander series and that’s “STAR CITIZEN”. I actually spent money buying a virtual space ship and the crowd funding for that is insane. It’s currently at its 50+ Million USD mark and it is still growing! While they are way ahead of Frontier’s funding of 2 Million, I think Frontier has done a better and speedier job of making a playable game for beta testers. I’d just like to imagine what Frontier is able to do with 50 whopping million buckaroos.

Ok my time in space is over. Need to return back to earth and reality…. Till the next transmission…