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Lumix GH1 Loose Lens


Some Lumix GH1 units have been found to have a problem with “lens play”. Basically with the 14/140mm stock lens fitted to the body, there is a slight play when you twist the lens while performing zooming. When you reach either extremes, you will be able to feel the free twisting movement. The free play is very minimal, however when you hit the extreme ends, you will definitely hear a click sound (which is the sound of the lens hitting the body mount) and if you are recording video,  the interal mic will pick up the click sound.

Some users have reported that there is nothing wrong with the lens mount since fitting another lens (apart from the 14/140) actually results in a tight fit. This points the problem to the 14/140 lens itself. However I am sure some might be due to the body, and some might be due to the lens. After all, it does take two ends to make a tight doesn’t it?

Since the camera is new and still under warranty, I have sent it in to Panasonic for them to check out the problem. Hopefully they will be able to solve the problem. For the price paid for the camera and kit lens, one would expect not to encounter problems like this. I wonder what went wrong… Manufacturing defect? Bad Quality? Design Flaw? Assembly Problem? You figure…