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Northam All Suites Penang

While I’ve stayed at the classy E&O Hotel and even the laidback Lone Pines at Batu Feringgi, I must admit I really enjoyed my stay recently at the Northam All Suites in Penang. The staff were friendly and checking in or out was as smooth as smooth can be. The best part of staying there was that it was pretty cheap even though it was without breakfast. Well who needs hotel breakfasts when you’re in Penang right? Just step outside and there’s a whole world of tantilising tastes waiting for you!

Besides being centrally located near Gurney Plaza and Gurney Drive, this hotel has one of the more modern look and feel to it all. Besides having internet connection to the room, it has what I love the most….a bathtub. Oh wait a minute it’s not just a normal bathtub. It’s a Jacussi! and it’s located in the “room” itself. You can be laying there in the tub and watching TV at the same time!

Apart from the relaxing jacussi, we also managed to get a room with a frontal view to the sea! Very nice indeed! I think this is one of the better Business Hotels I’ve been to coming in second just behind the Business Suite that I experienced in Hilton KL. The cost however was much cheaper here at the Northam… approx 1/4 the price! Of course each has their own advantages and you do get what you pay for.