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17 X 8 Turnigy Light Electric Propeller Specs

Turnigy Prop

Just managed to get my prop back from my friend today who got the hole enlarged to 8mm?!? Thank god for him coz I wouldn’t know how to get it drilled without having to bring it to a machine shop. Anyway I managed to hook up my WattsUp Meter to my Yak55 and got some readings off it. Specs as per below:

  1. SWANG 480Kv Brushless Motor + 80A 5A BEC ESC 158U
  2. RHINO Battery 3700mAH 5S1P 20C
  3. Turnigy 17×8 Light Electric propeller

Max Amp: 54.46
Wp: 1049

Just as a comparison from my previous post with a 16×10 prop:

  1. SWANG 480Kv Brushless Motor + 80A 5A BEC ESC 158U
  2. RHINO Battery 3700mAH 5S1P 20C
  3. TGS Sport 16×10E Precision propeller

Max Amp: 52.08
Wp: 923.3

From the looks of it… its not overdrawing any Amps for both the motor/esc & battery. The only problem is… there’s actually very little clearance of the prop from the ground. Especially hard not to scrape the tip on fields with loads of pebbles. Probably need to increase the wheel size perhaps 😉 Happy Flights all!

Yak 55 Maiden Flight

After a period of slightly over 1  month, I finally managed to put all the needed parts together for my Yak-55. The maiden flight was successfully flown on 21 Feb 2009 under the watchful eye of my flying buddy who was well versed with the plane (seeing that he was the one who influenced us all and showed us how nice this plane flies). This plane is fully 3D capable and I hope to be able to execute some nice clean maneouvers in time to come.

Here are some pictures of my Yak-55, which is basically a 50 sized plane with the following specs:

  1. Wingspan – 58″
  2. Fuselage Length – 59″
  3. Wing area – 713 sq inches
  4. SWANG 480Kv Brushless Motor + 80A 5A BEC ESC 158U
  5. RHINO Battery 3700mAH 5S1P 20C
  6. TGS Sport 16x10E Precision propeller
  7. 4  x Align Digital Servos

Current Draw:

Amp Hours: 0.152 Ah
Max Amp: 52.08
Wp: 923.3


Forum Details at: http://www.rcbuddies.com/forum/index.php/topic,198.0.html

GWS F15 Jet


Here’s a picture of my F15 EDF jet which I hope to complete soon. Construction has been halted for almost a month as I have been waiting for my LHS to get me the needed PARK servos. I wonder how well this jet will fly. Apparently its a real floater. We shall see. Hopefully I have enough battery power to power the two electric ducted fans on the jet. You can see many pictures and videos of this jet on youtube.