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Nintendo Wii Re-BrewED

After having taken a sabatical from messing around with the Nintendo Wii, I decided to do an update on the system so as to keep it up to date. A quick check with the Homebrew page at http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Homebrew_setup led me to do an update and installation of the HackMii (http://bootmii.org/download/) followed by an update of the firmware on the Wii from Version 3.2 to 4.3

I have never updated the Wii Firmware past 3.2 due to warnings that the system might brick or remove the brew in one way or another, however I didn’t think twice when I read a (kinda misleading) NOTE at the top of http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Homebrew_setup” which stated:

WiiBrew recommends that you run the latest version of the HackMii Installer and then optionally update your Wii to 4.3 using Nintendo’s official updater.
Only update using the official update procedure. Downgrading or installing patched updates is unsupported, dangerous, and may permanently brick your Wii.

The statement didn’t really state that updating to 4.3 removes all HOMEBREW on Wii systems, which meant right after performing the update, I immediately lost my Homebrew. In order to get it back, I had to do some research and some downloading. Basically since I wasn’t able to find pirated versions of Wii Games easily, I had to download the IOS of Super Smash Bros Brawl not to play (though the games is pretty neat) but to take advantage of the “Smash Stack” exploit by Comex to load unauthorized code on the Wii. It was released on August 20, 2009. It works for all System Menu versions (up to 4.3 as of current). See http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Smash_Stack to learn how to use it.

So my advice to whoever wants to get their Wii up-to-date and Brewed; perform a system update to 4.3 on your Wii, then run the Smash Stack exploit to get your Wii. Before proceeding, make sure you have the game and fully understand how the smash stack exploit works before proceeding with this. Please proceed with caution and at your own risk. I was able to get it done and I wish you luck too!

Keeping Fit with Wii Fit

Wii Fit BoxAdded to my Nintendo Wii collection is my latest Wii Fit. I must say that although the board costs a whopping RM500+ for the US version and RM300+ for the Japanese version (it ain’t cheap!), I did have quite a lot of fun with it so far. If you actually calculate the costs of paying for the Wii Fit and paying for GYM fees, I’d say this is a lot more worth it. Of course for those of you who are serious in your workouts, nothing beats a proper gym setup.

Anyway, having said that, the Wii Fit has been keeping me, my parents as well as my nephews busy “working” out. My favourite part of the program must be the YOGA exercises. It does help with your posture and if you’re serious about the exercise routines, I’m sure this is a good health product to own. It’s fun too!

Basically this Wii Fit is a board that hooks up wirelessly to your Nintendo Wii. It will detect your balance points (I believe there are 4 zones/quadrants) and it also tells you your weight. Take it as a high tech weighing scale. It can calculate your BMI and center of balance and with that it allows you the ability to basically control movements by leaning side to side and front to back like a human joystick and the “character” on screen will do the same. So with that, you can play balance games (heading soccer balls, skiing down slopes, snowboarding, moving balls into holes, & etc) as well as do exercises like Balance (Yoga), Strength (Pushups), Hoola hooping, Boxing, Step Aerobics & etc.

Wii Fit

 If you own a Wii and you haven’t tried it out yet, I highly recommend it to you! Go for a demo somewhere and I’m sure you’ll be hooked. It definitely brings interaction to the next level. The only problem with the board is that… like all games… it tends to collect dust after a while. Then again, if you’re motivated enough and keep a strict routine, I’m sure it’ll help you keep fit and have better posture in the long run. It definitely gets you off your A** for sure! Overall a very good product and idea from the inventors.

For more official information, please proceed to http://www.nintendo.com/wiifit/

Zack & Wiki (Quest for Barbaro’s Treasure)

Zack & WikiIt’s after Christmas and I finally got hold of this latest game from Capcom. It was recommended by In-Tech to be one of the year’s best games for the Wii, so I went out to buy this game to try it out myself…. and I’m glad I got it. Its by far the most interesting game I’ve played to-date. The graphics are interestingly bright and simple. Animations are cute and it’s a puzzle solving game which tests your wits without having to bust it. Though I’m only on the 3rd quest, and I’m sure it gets harder as I go along, it moves at a pace that does not intimidate the most brainless player. You don’t have to use must brain power to get through the stage but guess what? though the stages are “simple”, I did die once each time before I got through the stage… so as you can see… it’s not that simple as well. I think it’s just hard enough to test your senses and wits.

There is approx. 30 hours worth of game play to be enjoyed and you can play with them slowly as and when time permits. Just perfect for the busy individual in this modern world. The Wii controls enable  you to manipulate objects in the game to solve the puzzles. That actually makes you feel very immersed into the game and very into the character of Zack. Of course you have guides along the way which teaches you what to do with these object and ways of controlling them.

This game can be play either as an individual or as a group effort. Solve puzzles together.. that’s what the wii is good for…. getting people to interact together to enjoy a game. That’s what I love about the Wii… GET THIS GAME!

Zack treasure

Transformers – Wii Game

Transformers WiiAre you a Transformer fan? I’m sure if you are then you would have caught the latest movie on the big screen and I’m sure you would have loved every bit of it. Many of my friends have watched the show at least a couple of times. For me, I’ve only watched it once but have spent many hours on the Wii playing the Transformers Game.

The game closely follows the story line from the movie but you can either play the good Autobots or the bad Decepticons. For me, I have yet to try the Decepticons but I heard its almost a direct opposite than if you were to play the Autobots. The actions are pretty good and the scenes are always time based so you’ve got to be pretty good at aiming at things, bashing things, throwing things like lamp posts at your opponents as well as transforming from a robot to a car to speed away to somewhere & vice-versa.

Needless to say the overall game play is wonderful and immersive. The perfect combination of speeding to a location, then transforming and bashing up your enemies and transforming back again to rush elsewhere just makes you feel as though you are really into the character. You will really need to experience it for yourself to understand what I mean. The graphics are pretty good for the Wii and I would recommend this game to anyone out there who is a Transformer fan. If you’re not a fan then this game could feel repetitive as most of it, albeit the different locations and scenarios, entails you bashing or defending something (in this case… ultimately the ALL SPARK)

Carnival Games

Carnival GamesIs visiting the carnival your cup of tea? Have you always had fun playing with games in the Carnival but later on found out that they get too costly? Well… you can enjoy this fun but brainless game from the comfort of your home, albeit without the smell of popcorns and cotton candy. There are approximately 25 games to choose from: Alley Ball (like bowling), Day The Races (Horse Race), Popping Balloons with darts, Sledge Hammer to test your strength, throwing balls to knock down milk bottles, Dunking a midget, Shooting ducks, Coin Pushing Machine, Prize Picking Machine, shooting water guns to pop balloons, throwing rings onto bottle necks, Wishing Machine & loads more.

As with most Wii games, the throwing, tossing and aiming actions make full use of the Wii remote IR and Motion Sensor capabilities. The game control could have been better programmed as reported by some other players but to me, its supposed to be a fun brainless game… and that it is. This is a good game with cute mini games to occupy your time.

For most people, this game might seem like a waste of time but for people like my wife, countless hours can be spent playing virtual carnival games to accumulate virtual ticket/coupons to redeem virtual gifts. Well one thing good is that the games on the Wii are free.  If we had to pay for every game that she has played like in a real carnival, I think we’d be broke. Yes dear, the sombrero hat and scuba tank with the clown nose looks good on you 😉 Can we go to sleep yet?